Struggle of pregnant women

Struggles Of Pregnant Women Respect Her

Women are the base and center of the universe, not only on humans but every creature respects their female genders. Being a woman is not an easy life, you need to be ready for every new challenge.

There are not many variations in the life of men and that is what makes male foible. Women are always facing new challenges at every age and continue to fight that’s why they are brave. The real challenge for every woman is being a mother, and that’s also not easy. Women have to face lots of trouble during their pregnancy and even real challenges come once they become a mother.

The truth is being pregnant is nothing but being a mother because a mother starts to take care of her baby when it is in her womb.

Here are some struggles that every pregnant woman faces during their pregnancy.

1. Preparing for motherhood is a serious thing

It’s start from when they even planning to have baby in their family. Being a mother is not only about giving a birth, women need to be ready for it. Once a women get pregnant she need to be careful for everything. She can’t take a risk to be reckless.

Pregnant women struggle 3

2. Husband have hard time too

During pregnancy women mood changes rapidly, she demand something to eat and then change her mind like she wasn’t ask for anything. That’s mood swing is so sweet and lovable.

Pregnant women struggle 222

Pregnant women struggle 222

3. To be ready for everything

Only women can understand this moments, men can’t even imagine it. it’s not only affect to mind but it’s hard to recognize body signals.

Pregnant women struggle 43 Pregnant women struggle 41 Pregnant women struggle 4

4. The entire world against you, even your shoe

The title is just funny, there is no one against you. Women can face size challenges with their shoe and cloths.

Pregnant women struggle 5

5. Life brings new challenges everyday

This is brave moment for women to recognize that they are not able to move flexibly. They found it noticeable and feeling more love to their upcoming baby. Remember in this situation men should help her at any moment. It’s men responsibility to not let her move recklessly.

Pregnant women struggle 61

Pregnant women struggle 6

6. But You find solutions

Women have lots of difficulties during sleep time and leisure too. But you can find the solution and she will feel more safe and comfortable.

Pregnant women struggle 71 Pregnant women struggle 7

7. You can’t find the most comfortable clothes for future mother

During this time none of the cloths can fit her well, you always need to make changes for her comfortability. Here is the funny example.

Pregnant women struggle 7

8. Some parents can be confusing

Your parents, relatives are also too exited for your baby, and they will encourage you with love and gifts.

Pregnant women struggle 9

9. Pregnant women are easily moved

Only mother can understand the pain of mother. This doesn’t matter who mother is this, every creature mother have same heart for her child.

Pregnant women struggle 10

10. Sometime we learn new things about them

During this time mother need to be more conscious. She will not allow to touch anyone to her baby easily.

Pregnant women struggle 10

11. The closer the moment gets, the scarier it is

This is the one of the scarier moment for every women. They know they want to give birth to baby and beside also afraid of it.

Pregnant women struggle 12

Pregnant women struggle 13

12. At the end all the challenges are left behind when you are holding your happiness in your hands

All the pain she had before will gone once she watch and hold her baby in her hands. There is no any measurement divide to measure her happiness and even someone will create that equipment, it’s will get broke with excitement level of mother.

Pregnant women struggle 14

Always remember women is the base of the universe, they are more important for this nature. They always love and ready to become mother, even they are not ready for that.

If you are reading this article remember, you are also came from your mother womb. She grow you without any compromise in love. She sacrifice lots of things from when you were in her womb.

Share this and respect her.

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