Sad reality quotes in Hindi

Sad Truth Quotes Of Life In Hindi

Sad Reality Quotes In Hindi with explaination नरक अब पुरी तरह से ख़ाली पड़ा है, क्योंकि सारे शैतान अब पृथ्वी पर रहते है। इसमें कोई शिकायत नहीं की, पृथ्वी अब नरक से भी बत्तर हो गयी है। हम लोग सोचते थे की अछे काम करो बुरे काम मत करो नहीं तो नरक में जाना पड़ेगा। लेकिन नरक वाले बोलते होंगे की अब बुरे काम मत करो नही तो हमें फिरसे […]

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Memes of the day may 2

Top 30 Memes Of The Week 2 May

This is the first week of may with top 30 memes of the week. Here you can see random memes with all categories incorporated with meaning. With time new memes always come and internet is booming with new trends. Here are some memes you can share and download with your friends. The worst and useless mask ever in the world Beti to beti hai chahe ghdi kyu na ho Using […]

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Happy Mothers Days Whatsapp video status download

Happy Mothers Day Video WhatsApp Status Wishes Download

Happy Mothers Day to all mothers, download here whatsapp status video status to show your love for your mom. There is no doubt that mother strength is the most dominant strength in the world. We have created some lovely video status to put on your social media to spread love and awareness for mom. There is no one can reject the happiness of mother in this universe. Even God has […]

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Memes of the week q

Top 30 Memes Of The Week 25 April

Here is the fourth week of the April and time to show the top 30 memes of this week. You can relate with these. This memes are collection of emotional, funny and entertaining as well. It’s all random and not category wise because all have their own meaning and fun. Here have a look on the memes of this last week in April. Haay rabba ab to shadi ki bhi […]

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Memes of the week

Top 30 Memes Of The Week 20 April 2021

Hi watch out the top 30 memes of the week 20 April 2021. There is no end for memes, everyday something happening and people found something to make creative. Download the best funny, real, romantic memes. Oh my god how can I guess what is inside this cover Mai dil se kaam karta hu paisonke liye nahi Dad I want to know how did I come in this hell We […]

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Hai Akal Khelo MPL Memes Pic and Video Download

MPL memes hai akal khelo MPL is trending on social media with hilarious reactions. Here you can download pics images and videos of this trend. You can see the ads on TV or social media to download MPL app and create your teams their to win the money and online cash. There are lots of people who are already familiar with it because they used to play this kind of […]

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Dragonball WhatsApp videos Download Status DBZ

Dragonball WhatsApp Video Status Download Goku Vegeta Fighters

Download amazing WhatsApp video status of Dragonball z here. We have brought some astonishing videos for DBZ fans. You can share and put on social media as well. This article is for everyone who loves DBZ anime and want to show their love with social media status. It’s very difficult to find anime status and that’s why we came in to action. Our videos are only for entertainment purpose and […]

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Love status video whatsapp download

Love Status WhatsApp Video Download For Free

Download the best of the best WhatsApp Love Status Video for free. You can express your love feelings with these status. Social media is one of the way to talk with your beloved one without saying anything. Love is the base of this world, no one can denied the power of love because everyone had felt it in his or her life. In this article we have collected some astonishing […]

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Papa ki pari funny memes videos pics download

Papa Ki Pari Memes Funny Pics Videos Download WhatApp Status

Social media is trending with Papa Ki Pari funny memes images pics and videos. Here we have collected some very interesting images for you. There are lots of girls who used to put status and description with attractive lines. This trend lead those girls in funny way who used to write and say they are a Papa Ki Pari in status and description. But after their behavior and sense of […]

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KKR WhatsApp Videos Status Kolkata Knight Riders

KKR WhatsApp Video Status Download Kolkata Knight Riders

Download best KKR WhatsApp video status and support Kolkata Knight Riders. We have collected some cool and amazing videos to share with your friends and on social media. All these videos are related to another owner and we respect them. If you want to remove it please contact us. KKR is one of the best team in IPL and giving best in every match. There are several teams and their […]

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