The Most Dangerous Bus U Turn Is Real Or Fake

You may have seen lots of bus driving skills but this bus u turn will make you to be like “kidney me heart attack aa jayega”. This is the most insane bus u turn you will ever have seen.

We all know that the problems of narrow roads. If road would be narrow it might put you under driving restriction. You can’t overtake vehicles and can’t take u turn in limited area. There is a viral video of bus that taking insane u turn with like every moment is a death moment.

There are lots of bus videos you can see on internet, we appreciate them because they take care of their passengers. Among all the vehicles bus is considered to be dangerous and need extra skills.

Here is the viral video of bus that taking u turn on narrow road. You may first watch this video then we will have some talk on it.

After watching this video you may like what the fuck is going on here. How could he took this much risk and why did he put passengers in risk with him. But we recommend you that not to get on conclusion that easy. You should watch this video multiple times and have a look on each and every moment of bus and the road.

We are here to reveal the truth of this video, either this is real or fake. So have a look on these points which we have noticed in this video. First you may have a look on the second video to understand what we are trying to convey you.

(Source: YouTube)

In the second video you can see the bus and video details more clearly. You can easily find is this video real or fake. Have a closer look on circled area.

What should you noticed? First thing to noticed here is the bushes. If this bus going on the bushes, so why bushes are still there and in well condition as it is? It’s looks like simple animation that bus object simply covers the bushes and later bushes cover the bus. All the bushes were crushed by bus is still good and got no any harm.

At the end half u turn the trees behind the bus are visible through bus, we mean tree object is overlapping with bus object. So animator have mistaken here and might forget to give upper priority to bus object.

It’s clear that this video is created with animation and they polished it with low quality so it may looks like real. If it’s entertainment then it’s good video no issues, but if someone want to show bus driving skills then animation could not help to get even driving license.

We hope your all questions regarding with this video been answered here, if your friends are arguing either this video fake or real then you shall show them this article.

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