Tips exercise workout beginners

Tips For Exercise or Workout Beginners

There is no doubts that workout can help you to become healthy and fit. There are so many people who trying to achieve their fitness and want to become healthy. But nowadays having healthy life is also a challenge to accomplish. You must have your body response experience to understand that how your body react with foods and exercise. So in this article we will cover some tips which can be very helpful for workout beginners.

Why should you start exercise or workout

We all aware of how much workout can help you to live well being life. The main reason of various diseases because of people lifestyle. Now people don’t want to move their body, they finding a way to just sitting and enjoy life with sitting only. It’s sounds so horrible that be happy with sitting only.
The most important advantage of exercise is your wellness. You will achieve your right or desired weight and can lose excessive fat which leads you towards diseases. Exercise will also help you to boost your mental health, or presence of mind. Your psychological way will change also in good manner.

Overall exercise will help you to boost your health in all perspective way. It will not only help you to become fit with physical body but mentally also. So never think that exercise is only for looking good. It’s also for thinking good.

Types of exercise

Before starting your exercise routine you should choose which type of exercise would you follow.
This is the drawback of so many exercises beginners that they don’t know there are various types of exercises to choose. You need to choose one of your type to full fill your body needs or suitable to you.

  • Aerobics: Aerobics mainly known as oxygen consuming exercise. This exercise will help you to consume more amount of your body oxygen will help you to lose your fat. It contains mainly swimming, running, rapid exercise movements.
  • Strength: Strength exercise is also considered as a different part of exercise. It will help you to increase your strength. Don’t get Comfused between strength and energy. It will help you for weight lifting mostly.
  • HIIT: It’s knowns as High Intensity Interval Training. As it’s name we can understand it’s main focus on training exercise. In this we need to use more energy than power. During HIIT we are not allowed to take rest too much.
  • Calisthenics: Calisthenics could not be considered in gym exercise because it’s can be done anywhere. It’s will not require any gym center. The main exercise include in are, push ups, dips, sit ups, etc.
  • Balance and stability: The best example for balance and stability exercises are karate martial arts Kundu. You can see their balance and stability in their body. This balance and stability can see very rarely in gym performers.
  • Boot camps: Yes, this is also considered in exercise. You will have limited time to accomplish your task which incorporates circuit training, oxygen consumption, and workouts.
  • Flexible: Flexible is also important to make our body easily movable. Flexible exercises will help you to reduce joint pain, posture problems. It mainly include Yoga and Stretching.

The exercise above mention can be done with each other. There is no any restrictions that only one can be done at a time. So choose exercises which really helpful or suits to your body.

Steps to start exercise

It’s very important to know couple of things to start better way of exercise.

Decide and Set realistic goals

Before you start exercise routine you must have to ask yourself that why do you want to do exercise. This is nothing but your decision to start an exercise. And your decision is nothing but one kind of your goals. These goals are always be with you because they will help you to start and finish.

Decide before you start exercise will also help you to save your time, because if you don’t have reason to start it means you will not keep your routine regular or long.

Make it a habit

We always heard that we should not keep habit of anything, it will ruin your life. But having habit of exercise will never disappoint you. It’s always help you to push ahead yourself than before. Always remember exercise is not one day task. It’s a life long task to perform on regular basis. If you stopped it someday you can’t your body will starting to adapt new being of yourself. Means simply old you.

Always put this habit on yourself because it will never let you go down, but help you to grow in your life.

Check your health

Before starting exercise you must check yourself from your primary physician. Listen carefully, sometimes exercise can be danger for your body of you have some diseases that they can’t allow you to exercise. So your primary physician will suggest you how far you must go for your exercise. Which kind of exercise you should not do.

Because starting exercise is a changing your daily chemical reaction in your body. So it’s not only about physical conditions but also internal.

Amount of exercise

This is the biggest question every exercise person have. This is obvious question to ask how much time should I put for exercise. Always remember too short or to long exercise can’t help you to change your body. Overdose of anything can be dangerous. Only that much amount of exercise is recommended that you can survive without any injuries.

If you are a patient then you should not go beyond 20 minutes exercise. Your exercise must be beneficial to your body. Beginners 30 minutes could be enough. For intermediate 40-50 is enough. For professional 1-2hours could be enough. And now for hardcore 2-3 hours could be enough.

Here we provided one week sample exercise plan-:

The exercise we provided below is not hardcore, it does not required any weights or equipment’s. It’s for those who are just want to started now.

This plan can be change as your exercise level get changed.

Monday: Walk or run for 40 minutes. This activity should pump your heart more than before.

Tuesday: You need to rest because let your body adapt the changes.

Wednesday: Run or walk for 10 min with energy used more than last time. After walk having stretch for short period of time.

  • Circuit 1: 3 sets of 10 push up and 10 sit ups.
  • Circuit 2: 3 sets of 10 half squats and 10 seat plunges.

Thursday: give rest to your body, it worked more than last time.

Friday: 30 minutes bicycle riding or moderate run.

Saturday: Give rest to your body.

Sunday: Run for long about to 40 minutes.

Few tips for beginners

Improve your nutrition

This is the most important thing to do after you start your exercise. Nutrition is not only a health source but it also a part of energy. The good nutrition you have the better performance will you have during exercise. People only aware of proteins but only protein is not nutrition source. Carbs, fibers, vitamins, etc is also important for our body.

Carbs can help you to you provide amino acid. Help for muscles to recover fast.
Protein can help you to cure muscles after exercise. Help to grow muscles and make it strong.

Keep hydrate

Drinking water through out the day will help you to full full body needs and work properly. It will keep body at healthy hydration level.
Drinking water during exercise is very important to keep our body temperature normal. Hydration can help you to assort yourself for next exercise.

Warm up

Warm up is very important before you start actual exercise. Warm up will help you to move your body fast and circulate the blood for exercise. Warm up can help you to adapt your body for exercise. It will help you to keep injuring away yourself.

Just start your exercise with some oxygen consuming exercises like, hand rotation, arms swings, leg folding.

Cool down

Never be active immediately after your exercise be done. Your body should get to normal by itself. This rest will help you to adapt with surroundings. Remember your exercise tune body is different than your regular body. There are so much happening in your body during exercise duration. So let it be to it’s normal situation.

Stay motivated

No one is there who don’t have motivation in this field. There is always a motivation which drives them to push their self a lot. Everyone have motivation, some people looking for celebrity, bodybuilder, martial artist, etc. You must discover your own motivation. This will always help you to go for exercise. I know exercise means everyday pain, and that negative mindset will stop your routine.

You must have your own motivation it doesn’t matter who do you choose your motivation. It can be your own self for your own motivation. Remember everyday which make you to do exercise.


We hope that will help you to start your exercise today without having any questions in your mind. These are basic steps to know because no one can start for nothing. First clear all the points above then only get started. These questions can be troublesome in future, so why not solve them right now. Keep connected and all the best.

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