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Tips Write SEO Friendly Article To Rank On Google

How to write SEO friendly Articles

If you are a blogger and writing article on your blog then these tips regarding to write SEO friendly article will help you a lot. We are only sharing you our own experience to rank on google.

We know that how desperate it when you are just writing and not getting any organic traffic from google. Google is the best source for organic traffic among all search engines. No one can afford the ignorance by google, there are lots of pages getting indexed on google everyday. So it’s obvious to rank on first page, forget about first page it’s even tough to become visible on google pages nowadays.

As per our experience, we would like to share some important tips to write an article to rank on google search. How to rank and all comes later once you write an SEO friendly article because it’s the first step to get attention of google on your article. Let’s cover all the points one by one.

1. Include your keywords in Title

Heading is nothing the cover page of your article. If you are not including the keywords in your title so google will bypass you at the first step. You need to convince google algorithm that your title include the keywords which you want to rank on google.

Remember, if you have written multiple of keywords in article but not in title then you are going in wrong way. Every visitor first look at the title then think to enter in it.

2. Write meta description with keywords

If the title is front page then meta description is its introduction. Only two things are mostly visible on google search after query; first, the title second, description. That’s why description is also very important as title is.

Your meta description is most likely your first 40-50 words, these words are visible on google search so focus how can you add these keywords in professional way. Google is very smart don’t add just keywords to rank, or google will spam you then your article will not visible until you correct it.

3. Write heading wisely

Once get in to blogging field you can’t write an article like essay. Essay is different thing, you can write like essay but there are lots of competitors who are making it simpler with dividing it with subheadings.

Nowadays, we must need to think with our competitor. If your an give better experience that your competitor then google will choose your article to rank.

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4. Add some keywords in your H1 and H2 headings

Only adding subheadings are not enough; as competitors becoming smart, we need to be smart as well. Now google are more likely to choose winner between fighters. It’s became easy for google to rank article because everyone is trying to write smart articles.

That simply means everyone is creating subheadings but we can use these subheading for SEO purpose also. You can add some keywords to rank for particular word. But that doesn’t mean to add keyword without any sense. You subheading should have proper meaning with adding keywords.

5. Write in paragraphs

This is one of the best SEO strategy by google. Google have given the chance to focus on your every paragraphs. That means if you have written an article with proper length of paragraph with keywords, it will take attention of google.

In other words it simply means that your paragraph have also a chance to rank on google. If you have written something good in your paragraph and it’s related to someone’s query then your whole article will rank for it.

6. Add photos with alt keywords

Photos are very important to keep engage your visitors on your blog. It’s not compulsory to add images but at the beginning it plays very important part to compete with your competitors.

You can add at least 4 images with same keyword. Don’t  over do it otherwise your images will be considered as a spam. You can add multiple images with different keywords but not with same keywords.

7. Improve readability

readability means, how much easy or hard your article to read for visitors. If you have ever read news paper you may knew that how hard their language is. Even English beginners can’t understand news paper language.

On google lots of visitors are here to gain knowledge and information with easy language. If you make it hard to read then your readability score would be low. In this case google will choose other articles which is more easy that your article. Keep in mind google is always striving to improve the user experience.

8. Increase length

Your article length is one of the most important factor to rank on google. The more length that means you might covered more information about topic. You need to study the length of your competitors article. If they have given about 1000 length then you need to add more value in your article.

It’s not always true that more length will help to rank on google, but it will help google to understand you had covered more information related to article topic.

9. Frequently update

Blogging is not like just write and rest, you need to keep your article updated with new information. In this world everything is keep changing and what was the solution yesterday may not be helpful tomorrow. That’s why you need to keep it with updated information.

Google mostly trust new information because only new is gold here. Just thing someone had written article 1 year ago and you have written article right now. Google would think that your information is more related to the updated world. That’s why you need to keep update your old articles.

10. Add use more active voice sentences

As we discussed earlier above about readability this is one the major factor to consider alone. You may be good in English language and have lots of ideas to write the sentences in multiple ways. The most preferable by google is active voice.

Generally active voice sentences are easy to read and even beginner can read this without any problem. You need to think that, most of the people are looking for language which they can easily understand.


These are the major factor to rank your article. It’s not everything, google have thousands of factors to consider any article for google rank. But here we were only talking about how to write SEO friendly article.

There are lots of factors which really affects to get rank on google included, technical, page authority, domain authority, etc. First you should learn how to write article then only rest of the factors you need to study.

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