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Top 15 Simple Tips To Become Successful Blogger

If you are planning or already started your own blog and want to be a successful blogger then these all tips will definitely help you. Every blogger starts a blog with keeping stories of success in mind but believe it, it’s not that simple though.

Nowadays, more people are starting their blog and then leaving it after failure. It’s obvious to fail without having proper knowledge of it. 90% bloggers fails because they are not really a blogger they are just dreaming to earn money.

Remember money is just a biproduct of blogging, we know that every blogger start blogging to earn money and that should be the motive at all. But at the beginning you need to keep in your mind that you would have to work without any income till your blog get noticed.

Best tips to become successful blogger

In this article we are giving you 30 simple tips to start your blog and become successful blogger. Don’t start it in hasting to earn money as quick as possible, if you are willing to wait then only start otherwise leave it already.

1. Make a list of your topics to write about

It all starts with your topics and knowledge you are going to write about. You need to keep ready at least 50 topics to write at the beginning.

Once you are ready with your topics then start writing it on regular basis. You can break your topics to create more article. Sometime it’s very difficult to manage everything in single article.

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2. Your articles should not be incomplete message

Content on your blog might be the first touchpoint that a peruser has with you, or your business.

Composing quality, applicable substance which can educate your perusers is vital.

Needing to share this data is significant—don’t be anxious about the possibility that that you’re parting with something for nothing!

Your mastery will be seen as important according to a client or customer that confides in you.

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3. Use topic generator tools

Remember you are not smart as generator tools. Tools can help you to choose topic on trend.

The tools presents a rundown of themes for you to get the imaginative energies pumping. Remember that outcomes are not 100% precise, so sentence structure and phrasing may should be changed.

4. Make schedule for your posts

Publishing posts on irregular basis can sabotage the image of your blog on google algorithm. You need to keep your timetable to publish articles.

You can publish daily, once in two days but keep it regular rather than irregular.

5. Find the correct keyword for your post

Keyword is very important to rank your article on Google. You need to work on it before you start to write an article. Google indexed your article and rank it on the basis of keyword.

If you are planning to write on SEO the keep tracking the keywords related to SEO to let Google understand that you have written article related to SEO.

6. Create blog posts more than 1500 words

It’s not always true to keep your article more than 1500 words, but it’s most likely to recommend to rank on Google. Most of the time it’s depends on your niche and message yo are trying to convey in the article.

Just think that, if your competitors are covering the more information than your article then why would Google suggest your post over your competitors.

7. Add “How To and Best” keywords in title

It’s human phycology that when we see any question then it will make us curious to know about it. However, it’s not good idea to add this keyword in every post but you can grab attention of audience.

Wherever it is possible to add this keyword then only, don’t make it deliberate title to just rank on Google. Keep it simple as well.

8. Focus on the case studies

People are more curious to know about the case studies. We all curious to know more about this world and new theories which we are not aware. If you can write articles on case studies then focus on it more.

9. Add numbers to subtitles

Adding numbers to sub title can make viewer engage with your article. And besides people mind is curious to know how much points you have covered in the article.

It’s always a good idea to give your viewer a prediction that how much time they need to consume to read this article.

10. Try to explain in many ways

Every human understanding capacity is not same, so keep in mind that your only one way of explaining can’t help everyone to understand your message.

You can try to explain your post in multiple ways to give your audience a better idea about it.

11. Learn more about your own topic

Remember, when you write any topic, it’s actually assumes that viewer is already familiar with relevant topics. That means the relevant topics are nothing but the new topics for you to write.

You can create more topics when you start to learn more about your own articles. Beside your subtitles can be heading at another topic.

12. Break your paragraphs in to blocks

Reading a huge paragraph can make reader skip it, so break them in to blocks and make it simple. When you you make a simple shorter sentence most of the viewer would like to complete the sentence.

It’s obvious that viewers will not read a long lengthy sentence which take time to read and consume time to understand it.

13. Highlight your key points

If you have covered very important topic in sentence, then you can make viewer to give more attention on it. Our eyes get attracted towards the highlighted words.

If you want to redirected them to other post so it’s best idea to highlight it.

14. Add images to support your words

Just reading article can make viewer tedious to read it, if you want to add feelings to your post then you should add images to your posts.

Your images need to be relevant with what you are trying to explain. Use relevant photos to make your audience to feel your article.

15. Share on social media

Social media is the power today, you can interreact with the world with it. You can create pages and share your post on it. Again it’s as difficult as ranking your post on Google.

But you need to get started to share your posts on social media. It will take time but your patience will pay you off.

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Blogging is huge, even we give 100 of tips, it would be not enough. Every day is challenging day in blogging field. You need to be updated with the world. Always have to generate new ideas for topics and need to be wait to get noticed.

Tips and tricks are very tricky to track because tactics would never be constant. You need to change your strategies over time in order to keep your blog noticed on Google.

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