Most 4s in Cricket rank

Top Ten Batsmen With Highest Number Of Fours From 1990 to 2020

In this article we are gonna see the highest number of 4 by batsmen from 1990 to 2020. Cricket is the most liked sport in India and who made Indians mad for it. You know the answer, his name get in the first rank when he entered in this game.

Everybody knows the rules and how cricket fame growth over years. We have here the timeline of total number of fours in cricket history. Nowadays cricket is more popular but before 2010 cricket was total entertainment without any adulterated.

We know you are always looking for statistics and records of cricket game that’s why we brought some information from reputable sites to show you. There is no doubt that you will surprised and love to watch this statistics.

There are lots of records hold by cricket players. We always looking forward for upcoming records but it’s not easy now. You might get placed in top 10 but it’s very difficult to rank at first place.

So, without taking to much time we should start to show you this statistics. Just want to know you that, it’s a timeline, and each and every year will get added to the previous year records.


West Indies was ruling the cricket world. First top 3 cricketers are from West Indies team.

  1. Desmond Hynes (West Indies): 614
  2. Sir Viv Richards (West Indies): 599
  3. Gordon Greenidge (West Indies): 470
  4. Allan Border (Australia): 445
  5. Sir Richie Richardson (West Indies): 404
  6. Kris Srikkanth (India): 375
  7. John Wright (New Zealand): 356
  8. Graham Grooch (England): 351
  9. Javed Miandad (Pakistan): 345
  10. Allan Lamb (England): 305


Sachin Tendulkar “God Of Cricket” is just entered in arena.

  1. Desmond Hynes (West Indies): 768
  2. Sir Viv Richards (West Indies): 600
  3. Sir Richie Richardson (West Indies): 541
  4. Allan Border (Australia): 500
  5. David Boon (Australia): 594
  6. Sachin Tendulkar (India): 484
  7. Gordon Greenidge (West Indies): 470
  8. Saleem Malik (Pakistan): 462
  9. Brian Lara (West Indies): 453
  10. Javed Miandad (Pakistan): 445


Sachin Tendulkar overtook everyone and become number 1 player who hit most four in cricket history.

  1. Sachin Tendulkar (India): 1100
  2. Saeed Anwar (Pakistan): 886
  3. Desmond Haynes (West Indies): 768
  4. Sanath Jayasurya (Sri Lanka): 765
  5. Brian Lara (West Indies): 735
  6. Sourav Ganguly (India): 702
  7. Inzamam-ul-Haq (Pakistan): 666
  8. Mark Waugh (Australia): 636
  9. Aravinda de Silva (Sri Lanka): 635
  10. Mohammad Azharuddin (India): 622


Sachin Tendulkar keep his youth energy all the way.

  1. Sachin Tendulkar (India): 1553
  2. Sanath Jayasurya (Sri Lanka): 1255
  3. Adam Gilchrist (Australia): 1011
  4. Brian Lara (West Indies): 1003
  5. Sourav Ganguly (India): 991
  6. Inzamam-ul-Haq (Pakistan): 956
  7. Saeed Anwar (Pakistan): 938
  8. Rahul Dravid (India): 853
  9. Ricky Ponting (Australia): 804
  10. Desmond Haynes (West Indies): 768


Sachin Tendulkar keep raising his record and making it tough to break.

  1. Sachin Tendulkar (India): 1980
  2. Sanath Jayasurya (Sri Lanka): 1500
  3. Ricky Ponting (Australia): 1229
  4. Adam Gilchrist (Australia): 1162
  5. Sourav Ganguly (India): 1122
  6. Virender Sehwag (India): 1098
  7. Brian Lara (West Indies): 1035
  8. Inzamam-ul-Haq (Pakistan): 971
  9. Rahul Dravid (India): 949
  10. Kumar Sangakkara (Sri Lanka): 945


On 18 March 2012, Sachin Tendulkar played his last ODI match.

  1. Sachin Tendulkar (India): 2016
  2. Sanath Jayasurya (Sri Lanka): 1500
  3. Kumar Sangakkara (Sri Lanka): 1385
  4. Ricky Ponting (Australia): 1231
  5. Adam Gilchrist (Australia): 1162
  6. Virender Sehwag (India): 1132
  7. Sourav Ganguly (India): 1122
  8. Mahela Jayawardene (Sri Lanka): 1119
  9. Tillakaratne Dilshan (Sri Lanka): 1111
  10. Chris Gayle (Australia): 1038


Virat Kohli is entered in arena and Sachin Tendulkar keep holding his most four record in cricket history.

  1. Sachin Tendulkar (India): 2016
  2. Sanath Jayasurya (Sri Lanka): 1500
  3. Kumar Sangakkara (Sri Lanka): 1385
  4. Ricky Ponting (Australia): 1231
  5. Adam Gilchrist (Australia): 1162
  6. Virender Sehwag (India): 1132
  7. Chris Gayle (Australia): 1128
  8. Sourav Ganguly (India): 1122
  9. Mahela Jayawardene (Sri Lanka): 1119
  10. Virat Kohli (India): 1116

We hope you enjoyed the whole timeline. It’s very awesome to watch it, how statistics were changing. These are the records till date, we will keep you update if there would be any changes. Now, most of the people hoping to make new records from Virat Kohli. Results never be predicted so, we will wait and watch for upcoming records by cricketers.

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