Bricks triceps workout

How To Use Bricks For Triceps Workout

If you are looking for triceps workout videos with bricks, you are at right place. We know that having dumbbells with everyone is not possible so that’s why we found it’s best alternative is brick. Although we have already studied different workouts with only use of bricks.

If you haven’t watched them then you should watch them also. Utilizing bricks for your muscles is an art because it totally depends on your own creativity. Previously we explained some of the triceps exercises and how we can perform with bricks.

We have given a basic workout explanation because in this article we are focusing for beginners. There are lots of ways we can use bricks for triceps muscles but we will cover this by level. Before we shift to intermediate or advanced levels we must know the basics and beginners’ exercise. You just need to stay connected with us to get more knowledge.

Triceps workout with bricks

Bricks triceps extension

This workout is a very basic workout and even professional trainers love to do it. You can considered all are very effective and easy among all triceps workouts. I would like to recommend you to hold very tightly this brick and brick should be hard or good quality. It should not get broken while you exercise.

  • Hold your brick with both hands
  • Raise your both hands above your head or perpendicular to your body
  • Bent your both elbows back
  • Your bent should be 90 degree angle with your hand
  • Again raise your hands up
  • Repeat this exercise 10-12 and 3-4 sets

Single hand brick overhead extension

In this exercise you need to use your only one hand. The major difference in targeted angle between previous and this exercise is your triceps cut. You have seen in previous exercise we bent our hand parallel to our body. In a single hand overhead extension we need to bend the hand perpendicular to your body. Be careful and choose your brick wisely, it should be plain and not get injured to your head.

  • Grab your brick and raise your one hand over your head
  • Now down your hand with only bent your elbows towards your opposite hand shoulder
  • Once you have got 90 degree angle with your elbow stop it
  • Go back with the reverse action and repeat it

Bent over triceps brick kick back

Now this could be a tough one because your all weight will get on only your fingers. If your bricks have a handle to grab it then it can be easy otherwise you can see in the above video, how much I struggle to keep hold of that brick. In previous workouts the brick was over our head that’s why we weren’t bothering to grab it tightly but not it will not be the same.

  • Get your bricks on
  • You can pick two bricks in both hand or can be alternative way
  • Now bent your body with your lower back down
  • Once you bend over your body, you need to raise your elbow up
  • Grab your bricks tightly, and kick back your hand. At initial position your hands should be parallel with your body and have 90 degree angle in your elbows
  • After you kick back your hand get back to initial position
  • Don’t let your form distract while you performing the exercise

One knees brick kick back

This is a modified workout of the previous one. We were exercising and bent our body and that can not be possible for so many people, then you can try this. If you are able to perform both forms then don’t forget to have exercise. This is not a complete alternative but for the sake of people we have made some modifications.

In this exercise you are able to use only one hand at a time. Your other hand will be on the floor to support your body. If you think closer you will likely be a doggy style kick back triceps workout. This exercise mainly performs on the bench, one knee on bench and the other leg is on floor. So now let’s have a look at exercise.

  • Get on your both knees and touch your one hand palm to floor
  • Raise your one elbows up parallel to your body
  • Now you can kick back your hand like we did before
  • Repeat this action till you feel pressure at your triceps

Sleeping one hand brick overhead extension

It’s another form of overhead extension but a major difference is we are in sleeping position during exercise. This is one of the best triceps targeted muscle exercise. You can wear a helmet if you can’t grab a brick very well. Here is the higher risk of injuries if you go reckless with the quality of your bricks. Choose wisely and strong bricks.

  • Get lied on the floor and pick up your brick
  • Now straight your hand with your body
  • Bent your hand towards your head, don’t let brick touch the floor
  • Raise your hand to its initial position
  • Repeat it for 6-8 times and have 3 sets of it

Sleeping one hand brick side extension

The precautionary statements are the same as we described above in the workout. Form will be the same but the variation will be different. We have to perform this exercise in a sleeping position and our hands must be raised. But the target muscle will be different because movement of the hand needs to be changed.

  • Get lied on the floor on your back
  • Get your brick in one hand and keep it up high
  • Now bent your elbow towards your opposite hand shoulder
  • Once you reached 90 degree angle get back to your initial position

Close grip bricks floor press

With this name it recalls our close grip bench press. But we don’t use any bench in this exercise. Do we eliminate the bench and replace it with the floor. We use the bricks instead of dumbbells and bars so that’s why it’s called close grip bricks floor press.

This workout is generally part of close grip dips but changes the face of the body. We normally confront our face to floor while doing dips. Here we replaced the floor as back support and get bricks to increase our desire weight for dips.

  • Get two bricks on your both hands
  • Remember your elbows should be closed to your body
  • If you make more distance between your hands and body then it will goes to chest workout
  • Once you grab the bricks, now push them up to with keep maintaining your hand distance
  • Come down and raise again

Both hand bricks sleeping overhead

If you understand how to perform a single hand sleeping overhead extension then it will not be difficult to understand. All the phenomena will be the same but now we should use both hands together. Grab your brick and fold your hand over your head.

  • Once you get lied on floor
  • Hold your hands up straight
  • Now bent your hands over your head and come back to initial position slowly
  • The more slow you go the more affect there would be


This is not the last article for triceps workout using bricks. We have incorporated just basic workouts that can be possible for everyone to perform. These exercises are really helpful for building muscles because you are chosen weight as per your desire. It’s been proven that bricks can be a very good replacement for dumbbells. To maximize the outcomes of these workouts you need to achieve good perfection and reps.

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