Two man fighting on sidewalk with Mortal Kombat music 2

Two Man Fighting Seriously On Sidewalk Got Recorded By Mobile

Two man were fighting on sidewalk someone recorded their fight and posted it on social media. This fight was actually damn serious but black dressed man just hitted him some punches and kicks and left the place.

This fight was serious but someone put mortal kombat fighting game music behind it and it seems funny now. All the beats and movements are matching very well and nice.

The guy without shirt was drunk and lost his control; he wanted a fight with black dressed guy. At the first it was seeming like shirt less guy was strong enough to defeat black guy but it’s unfortunate for him because black dressed guy also knew the karate kungfu.

This fight started with shirtless guy and ended with black dressed guy. Here is the video we would like to show you and it would be great for to know the consequences.

If you have seen the video above you can understand what we are trying to explain you. This is not that much serious fight because of this background music. But you can share this with your friends.

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