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Best types of dips at home

No one can denied how much dips are popular from the decade. Not only decade but we can also see proofs that ancient wrestlers were performing dips for body strength. As we know dips are not only popular because of its popularity but there are various types or form to perform dips. In this article we are going to look how can you perform various types of dips to increase body strength.
If you will only understand the proper position of hands for particular type of dips variation then it will help you to achieve your desired strength quickly. So now without taking too much time here we go.

Types of dips

Regular dips

Regular dips are well known to everyone. This is so basic and greatest form of exercise anybody can do for strength beginners. The good thing about regular dips is from beginners to professional can do it and it will help both types of people.

  • First, rise your hands in front of your chest, slowly wide it to your shoulder level.
  • Don’t rise your hand above your chest or not lower to your chest.
  • Your hands must be in proportion to your chest.
  • Lie on the floor and try to push and the release, again push and release.
  • You can increase the pressure on your arm by slowing down the workout action.

This type of dips are very popular and everyone is also starting exercise with regular dips.

Triangle dips

This dips variation is becoming so popular, because it proved to be very good for whole arm strength. Your chest and arm strength will boost with triangle dips. Though this is not very difficult, you may get trouble at the start but after some days you can do it easily.

  • To perform triangle dips you need to make triangle by your hands palm.
  • Stick you triangle to the floor and be in your initial state.
  • Come down then push the floor and release. Repeat till you can do.
  • If you are facing trouble or ache at your wrist you can make a gap between your hands. It will get more easier than before.

You can check 2nd position in above video for more understanding. If you are feeling so much trouble or ache at wrist then simply decrease the number of repeat value.

Triceps dips

Triceps dips variation are very helpful for boost or pump your triceps. This is very easy form and can perform without any weights or equipment. Here are the steps or tips for better results.

  • Rises your hands in front of you. Get don it slowly.
  • Your hands must be adjoin to your waist. The closer the hand will better the result. But don’t get too closer otherwise it will ruin the form or workout.
  • Push floor down will help you to rise your body up. Remember while performing this, your arms must be remain parallel to your body.
  • Don’t let your elbow to spread wide away from your body.

Triceps dips are also popular like regular dips but only difference is the targeted muscle. In triceps dips the major target muscle will be triceps.

Reverse dips

It’s called reverse dips because your hands will be in reverse direction than regular dips. It’s like regular dips but reverse hand direction. We can consider it as type of dips or variation.

  • Rise your hands in front of your body at angle of chest.
  • Decline your hands up to you reached your waist.
  • Now rotate your palm or wrist at 180 degree angle.
  • Push to the floor and then release. Perform it till you can do. It will help you to develop your biceps.

This is so easy and help you to boost your strength.

Wide angle arm dips

This dips will help you to pump your chest dramatically your whole arms. This may be difficult at the start but slowly slowly you will adapt with it.

  • Put your hands in front of chest, like we described for regular dips.
  • Now you just need to rotate your wrist or palm at 90 degree angle.
  • Now we are going to cover both sides but one at a time.
  • First slide to your left side and come closer to floor, then push it and go to the other side.
  • After completing other side go again to the left side. You need to push by your both hands.

You can feel the pumping at chest and pressure at your arm. Watch the video for better understanding.

Round dips

Round dips are not so popular because it’s some kind of difficult form to perform. But it will help you to boost your chest arms and losing arm fat.

  • Rise your hands in front of your body and angle of your chest.
  • Lie down on the floor. Just remember we not suppose to round the full circle.
  • We will round up the half circle per one side.
  • Now, assume you are at initial position. First, we will cover the left side. That means we will make the round half circle by left side to floor. Then get reverse to back and without stopping to initial position we make the full circle by right side.
  • Then complete the circle with opposite angle. Do this till you can do.

Round dips is very good choice to flex your shoulder with pumping chest. It will target your chest and shoulders.


Hope this information will help you out to preform types of dips. We hadn’t include any weights of and gym equipment. You can do it anywhere with only your body weights. We provided video because its so hard to explain in words. So keep in touch with us.

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