Valentines day meaning

Valentine day’s list and it’s meaning

Valentine day is the most awaited day for lovers to express their true feelings. Everyone is anxious to love their beloved one person but they may afraid and not dared to show it.

This is the week which helps lovers to express their love without any fear and let them feel free with their love feelings. It’s not only about 14th February day but the whole week is important to boost the happiness of valentine day.

Here we are going to tell you the importance and meaning of all days of this week. If you are not yet aware of days and it’s meaning then you are just simply gonna waste your day with foolishness.

Rose day

First come rose day, it’s very important day and meaningful for every lover because you can have a multiple colors with different meaning of feelings. There are variety of colors and you will have to chose right one according to your message to convey your partner.

Propose day

Until you propose nothing is going to happen. It’s obvious that your partner already know that you are in love with her or him, but everyone want to feel that moment when someone proposed them. This is actually the best way to let someone know how much you love them.

You can just express what you feel for someone? How much is the person important to you? This is what propose day enhance your feelings.

Chocolate day

There is no one who don’t love chocolates. Everyone love it and it’s a kind of approach to keep your partner engage with you. You can show your partner how much you love them with simply giving them a chocolates. It’s not compulsory to give only chocolates. But it’s a best choice among all sweets.

Teddy day

If it comes to girl then only boys or girls can gift teddy to girls. I don’t think so that mature boys would love teddy so it’s better to gift something different to boy as a teddy.

It’s just a meaning of something that will be help your partner to remember about your. Whenever your lover will see your gift he or she probably going to miss you.

Promise day

This is the day which can show you a dreams about your future. It’s not important that be true or fake but promises are just promises. On this day you can promise to your lover whatever you can.

It’s absolutely not going to keep in future but day is day use it and take an advantage of it.

Kiss day

Kiss is the first step to show your love with physical appearance. Everything is begin with kiss and further steps you already know.

The much you closer the more you would likely to kiss your partner. This is the simple way to show that your are absolutely open for your lover to trust on him or her.

Valentine’s day

This is the main day of this week. Actually all the days we have been through for just this day. All previous days are nothing but the preparation for 14 February valentine day. On this day you have proved that you are trust worthy with true love.

You can now start to live together without any doubts between couple. After this day you can freely talk about anything you want because you are now sharing your personal life with your partner.

Take way

This is not all about valentine week and days but it’s enough of information to celebrate it. By the way everyone only looking for sex in this week so that’s why there is no meaning to add any spiritual things.

Otherwise this week could be a very romantic and blissful but we knew the intention behind this day. So have a nice week ahead all the best.

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