Warje bridge truck accident burning blast pune

Warje Bridge Pune Truck Accident Video Burning Blast

Truck burnt and blast on Warje bridge in Pune. This incident happened on Saturday evening and cause almost 45 minute traffic on highway.

Yesterday, truck caught in fire and blast, this all incident is recorded by the natives. The reason behind this accident is not yet revealed but very soon it would be found.

From the resources this truck was burning for at least 40 minutes and fortunately no any injury happened in this incident. From the information we acquired by Warje police, the truck carrying the foods for fast food chain supply.

Police said, the truck heading to Kolhapure to delivering food from Kalamboli. On the bridge driver realised that something went wrong with truck and not working as usual. Somehow driver managed to stop truck left to the bridge. He get off the truck and later minutes the fire entered in his cabin. In just few minutes truck caught by the fire and flames all over.

This incident cause almost 45 minute traffic on highway, this incident cause no death and injuries. We have some videos of burning truck on Warje bridge. Civilians were able to record video of burning truck and blast as well.

In below video you can see truck is burning on Warje bridge. Someone shoot this incident.

Here someone recorded truck blast video in camera. He just meant to record burning truck but he accidently recorded explosion.

We can see how truck parts were explode with this incident. We should keep away ourselves whenever this kind of incident happen.

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