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Healthy Morning Tips For Weight Loss

If you can’t observe or change your whole day routine then you may at least first step towards weight loss. Making your morning healthy can help you to lose weight. You don’t need to check out your full day activities, just changing in your morning routine can help you. In this article we are gonna show you some of the best tips that can help you to make your morning to lose weight.

Best morning habits to lose weight

If you don’t have time for thinking about weight loss you can just have a kick start in the morning. Morning has a massive impact on weight loss.

1. Meditation

Everything in our body will start by mind and eventually stop at mind again. Your actions are taken with your mind and respond to actions also experienced with mind.

Mind is nothing but the controller of your body. Everybody’s organs are working properly because of your mind. You can survive without any body organs for a few minutes but without mind you can’t even survive for milliseconds.

Train your mind for weight loss. If you are just working hard and do not believe in you then you can’t lose your weight. Your mind gives response with your action. Researchers stated that 90% cure of diseases only happened because of mind and only 10% of your medications.

Your mind has a magic to change your body as you think. If you think negatively then your body response will be negative. And if you think positively then your body response will be positive. What have you learned from this? You should train your mind.

There are lots of people who are going to the gym but not getting any results because they are only doing exercise by chance not by choice. Whenever your exercise becomes a choice it will start to give you results. But how would you train your mind? Yes, only with the help of meditation.

Meditation is the key to any action. Your job and responsibilities are also defined by your mind. So have a meditation time in the morning before you start your day.

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2. Have some exercise

Morning is the best time and affordable for exercise. The oxygen level is more beneficial in the morning to our body. Every person feels more happy in the morning than the entire day. After morning we start messing and chaos in our mind. So make your morning for exercise.

Morning exercise can lose more weight than evening. Oxygen consumption is very important to your body to work properly. Morning time is the best time to consume more oxygen with help of exercise. Beside morning exercise can help to balance your blood pressure and sugar level. Researchers found that diabetes patients get control over their disease with morning exercise.

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3. Drink enough water

Water is the base of our body. We can’t deny the importance of water. Our body needs enough water to work properly, a deficiency of water can cause serious diseases. Whatever you take action for weight loss, water can help to improve its results. If you are taking any supplements or foods then water will improve its results.

Beginning of your day with a glass of water can assist you to weight loss. It will boost the digestive and immunity system. Carbs mostly unguided your calorie consumption, water intake can balance it. Investigation found that people drinking lots of water lose their weight with respect to other people.

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4. Schedule your meal plan

Making a plan of foods throughout the day can help you to choose the right healthy foods. This is the most confusing thing for everyone to choose the right food for a particular meal.

There are lots of people who don’t prepare plans for the day and eat unhealthy foods by choice. They don’t even have a choice if they are not deciding what to eat. To make a healthy choice you need to be scheduled your whole day meal plan.

5. Get enough sleep

If your mind is the processor then getting sleep is the charger. Your mind can’t even work without enough sleep. Your whole body needs to be rested for proper functioning.

Your digestion and nervous system will get disturbed if they don’t get proper rest. In a survey, people who don’t get enough sleep have more chances of obesity.

It’s not only about obesity but you can get caught by various diseases if you have poor sleep. So get enough sleep if you want to get your work paid off. Additionally your calories consumption will get controlled with your good sleep.

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6. Get some sunlight

Morning means nutrition of vitamin D. In this universe every living being needs sunlight to grow. Living beings can’t survive without sunlight. We can see even trees following the sunlight. Vitamin D can workout as fat burning nutrition.

We are talking about the morning sun light , morning sun light is more efficient than day. In the morning sun lights are not that brighter and do not cause any harm to our health. Your every part of the body needs vitamin D to work effectively.

Researchers stated that a different time of sunlight affects our body. If you are taking sunlight in the morning then it’s effects are different from day time. So it’s better to choose morning time to boost your weight loss progress.

7. Switch your bike with legs

If you can go to your work with walking then you should, because it will help you for weight loss with a day routine. If you are saying your work location is too far then go half way with a bike and then walk.

In this case you won’t have any option except your legs. You will give separate time for exercise then why don’t you use it in a productive way. Survey declared that the people who go to work by walking have lower chances to gain weight with respect to people who use bikes.

8. Have a cup of coffee

You would like to have coffee to start the day with it. All the tips above required some dedication but having a coffee is the easiest way.

I think you are probably starting your day with tea or coffee. So you can choose coffee over tea. But remember you also have a choice of green tea. Coffee can kick start your day or even help to boost your energy.

If you don’t feel energetic then have coffee and start to follow all the tips given above. Even if you don’t have mood then coffee can help to change or make your mood.

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9. Healthy breakfast

Having a healthy breakfast is not only healthy to lose weight but also keep you healthy and energetic throughout the day. You should never skip your breakfast for any reason, even if you are going late for your other work. Whatever work you are going to do, you can’t focus on it without healthy breakfast.

Healthy breakfast works as a fat burner, if you choose the right nutritious foods. Researchers even proved that breakfast is the most complete meal of your day.

What you will eat in the morning will digest more effectively. You will have its 90% of energy throughout the day. This is the best way to make your morning to lose weight. Breakfast is important and there are lots of people who do enjoy their breakfast, so why don’t you use it for weight loss.

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10. Enjoy green tea

Green tea and coffee could be the best alternative for each other but not. Green tea will help you to lose weight more effectively than coffee. There are some advantages that only coffee has but not green tea doesn’t.

Coffee has caffeine that can help to change mood or improve your energy level. So coffee has multidimensional benefits and green tea has weight loss benefits. So the minimum number of advantages is also greater than multidimensional advantages.

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11. Measure yourself

Everything in life will happen with your awareness. How could you take an action if you don’t know the reason? Your awareness is really important to motivate you. It will give you a motive to lose weight, people are gaining weight because they are being reckless with their health.

You need to be very conscious with your body weight. If you feel that you are not losing weight then you can take next action. The only reason to gain weight if you are not giving any attention to your body.

Whenever you ignore your weight loss goal then there would be less chances to achieve weight loss. The more you are aware of your body the more chances to lose weight. Mindset does really matter here, and use it to lose weight.

12. Have a cold water shower

Oops, I know that is the most difficult thing to do in the morning. Everyone wants to start it’s morning with a warm shower. If you can take a cold water shower then you have good advantages with it.

Cold water shower can help to regulate hormone level, metabolism and make you feel more energetic. Besides in cold water shower your body trying to make you hot and that process will burn more calories. So this is not just about energy but you have double advantage with burning calories.

13. Don’t eat non-veg in the morning

Non-veg is very hard and time consuming food to digest. Don’t start your day with rough feelings. Having healthy vegetables for breakfast will help you to start your day in a smooth manner.

Eating meat in the morning can cause acidity problems in day time. Healthy light breakfast can start your day with smooth feelings. You need to be peaceful for the entire day and choosing meat, chicken at the beginning of the day can interrupt your peaceful mind.

The most important thing is that you must always start your day with some light food and non-vegetarian foods are heavy to digest.

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Bad morning habits

If there are tips that can assist you to lose weight then it’s obvious there must be wrong habits that can increase weight. Losing weight has never been one sided task, you also need to take care of supporting and opposing things.

You must follow supporting things and correct your bad habits. Here are some wrong morning habits that lead you to weight gain.

  1. Eating carbs (Low carb veggies)
  2. Not exercising (Simple exercises)
  3. Wake up in chaos
  4. Hasting for day schedule
  5. Not focusing on breakfast
  6. Watching TV during breakfast
  7. Drinking tea with sugar
  8. Eating heavy breakfast
  9. Poor sleep (Signs of sleep disorder)
  10. Negative mindset at the beginning
  11. Eating sugary products (High sugar foods)
  12. Eating fat foods
  13. Having oily breakfast
  14. Not drinking glass of water
  15. Ignoring morning sun lights
  16. Not meditating (Benefits of meditation)
  17. Skipping breakfast
  18. Eating junk food in the morning
  19. Getting lots of calorie foods
  20. Not eating fiber foods (Fiber foods)

Why does morning matter for weight loss?

Morning doesn’t matter for weight loss only, it does matter for everything you will go throughout the day. You can notice your behaviour, what you feel in the morning will decide your entire day.

If you start your day with negative thinking then the whole day will be bad. When you start your day with positive energy then your whole day will be good.

Your morning is the kick start for your day. The first step towards your goal has a massive impact on you. If you just live ordinary then it would be hard for you to follow your weight loss goal. That’s why your morning does really matter for weight loss.


Getting started your day with healthy morning habits will kick start your day for weight loss. The first hit is always more effective than the later hit. What you do in the morning will affect you for the whole day.

You can lose your weight with a change in your morning routine. Every tip explained above is very helpful and effective to lose weight and that does not require so much effort. So it can be an easy way to lose weight.

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