Weight loss myths

Weight Loss Myths And Realities

Weight loss industry is full of myths, there is lots of information you can get from professionals, the internet, trainers , etc. The main question is which one information will really help you or which one should avoid.

If that is the question about the one idea about weight loss diet that would be no problem to follow or believe but what if there are lots of ways to achieve the same goal.

All the advice of weight loss might be right or wrong. You can’t even know without trying it.

Weight loss myths matters?

A lot, weight loss industry is full of myths. That’s why there are so many chances to follow wrong conceptions and get disappointed.

You need time to see the changes in your body but how would you recognize that you are going right or wrong. The goals you have achieved in 1 year might come earlier if you were following it in a more correct way.

So this is so this is so difficult to know either you going right or wrong. At the end it only proves that having clear knowledge about weight loss myths is very important.

Here we are gonna tell you some of the myths that will assist you to pick up the right way for your weight loss journey.

The major eight loss myths

Fat is responsible to make you fat

This looks very correct and logical that if you eat fat then you should gain fat. Our body is an artificial intelligence control system, your logical theory will not be proven correct here.

All the fats are not bad for our health. Actually truth is fat is very important for our body to work well. Your fat helps you to manage the heat of your body.

This is all about your calories intake, until you eat calories in your healthy range there is no need to care about fat.

Choice of your fat food must be good. Don’t expect anything good if you are eating junk food fat in excessive amounts.

Give your body an appropriate amount of fat to keep a healthy balance.

Skinny people are healthy and fatty are not

There is no doubt that fatty people have more chances to get captured by various diseases but that does not mean skinny people are safe. Skinny people have their own disadvantages. The body structure changed means advantages and disadvantages also get changed.

We know that there are lots of people who have good metabolism even with their fatty bodies and skinny people are facing metabolism problems.

It’s all about where the fat gets over your body. Our major part to gain fat is our abdomen area that’s why you will have to face metabolic related issues.

All calories are same

Nope, every food has its own characteristics. If they have the same number calories but the results will not be the same. Yes, that is right calories are calories but our digestion system matters here.

Our body responds differently with different types of foods. For example, 2 bananas and 1 apple gives you the same number of calories but which food your body digests very well so that you will get calories more or less.

You might have different hunger experiences with different foods. Some of the foods make you full fast and some are taking long.

We have three types of major foods, protein, fat, and carbs. All these categories foods have different calories reactions in the body. You will not feel the same with a variety of foods.

Supplements help lose weight

If weight loss needs are massive then how can companies not research weight loss supplement. There are lots of companies who claim weight loss assurance. No one can tell how much is true or not.

We can’t give any opinion until we have gone through this experience. Once you start to take supplements that means you are more aware of your weight loss task.

None of the companies say that you need to just eat this supplement and will lose weight. They also provide some diet tips and eating restrictions.

Researchers say that your diet and consciousness make you lose weight. Yes, there are minor effects of supplementation but your mind is very important here.

Eating less and moving more

One of the biggest theories says that your lack of calories will help you to reduce weight. We already told that theory concept not working in the human body. Lots of people say that your calories burning should be more than your calories intake.

Everything matters is your lifestyle, just changing for a particular amount of time will lead you to gain more weight later.

If you are following this phenomenon, that will lead you to tiredness and feeling less energetic. You need to keep a good balance between your eating and exercise ratio.

Weight loss is fat loss

This is one of the biggest misunderstandings among people about weight loss. It may seem that losing fat and weight is the same but this is nothing but society acceptable myth. Fat loss and weight loss is totally different.

Losing fat simply means that you have extra fat in your body. That extra fat obviously has weight to add in your body but that is absolutely unhealthy fat or weight. Everyone has fat but some people have excessive fat on their body that’s why it’s not good or should be considered to be bad.

If you are losing fat then the weight of fat will also lose and that makes illusions for you. There are lots of people who want to lose weight even if they don’t have body fat on body. So don’t get confused between weight loss and fat loss.

Sweat means weight loss

People are trying to sweat more with just adjusting the room temperature. If you are going to AC gyms you have to struggle more to get sweat. The more you sweat the more fat you lose, this is a misconception.

There is nothing to do with fat with sweat. Sweat is just a byproduct of your exercise, that only shows you your hard work. You can’t get sweat until you do any exercise and you can’t lose any weight without exercise. That simply means you will definitely get sweat if you are trying to do more exercise.

Remember exercise is responsible for losing weight; it’s not sweat. Sweat is just a proof of your hard work, if you are just walking away that means you are not struggling enough to lose weight. Understand it sweat is just a proof of your hard work of exercises.

You will gain weight again

It totally depends on your lifestyle. If you missed your exercise or diet just for one day. You will probably start to think against your weight loss goal. You don’t need to think that much if you just missed your exercise because it’s not easy though to gain weight.

If you stopped exercising and continue to follow an unhealthy way of life then there’s no doubts about gaining weight. Once you lose your desired weight you will not gain it again till you follow a healthy lifestyle.

So you don’t have to be careful about your life time exercise, but body movements are very important to keep you active and healthy. You have so much time after you stopped your exercise routine to keep your weight maintained.

Only cardio is important to lose weight

Yes that’s right but not absolutely right. Just cardio exercise will not help you to lose weight. You may lose lots of calories with cardio but to keep healthy balance you need to lift weights.

Lifting weight will help you to boost your metabolism and strength that eventually help you to lose weight. There are so many people who are focusing on only cardio exercises and they started to lose weight.

You can start to lose weight with it at the beginning but after some days you will find it so hard to lose a minor amount of weight. It’s all about your body nature, if your body adapts to cardio exercise then it will be difficult, you only lose weight faster at the beginning not for forever.

Cheat day is fine

Everyone has some desire to eat whatever they feel to eat. Chest day it’s not meant to eat anything for the entire day. This day is just designed for making you stick it on the way to fitness.

If you will get strict with your trainer then it could be so hard to keep you on track. The main purpose of chest day is to make you free about your exercise routine. If I will tell you to be strict and never eat any spicy food then you will become so reckless.

It’s all for you to relax and tense free with your diet nothing more. So just remember eating garbage foods for the entire day is never recommended.

Night meal is bad meal

We know that you are probably thought to skip your dinner to lose more weight. People recommend that to eat food early in the morning that will help your metabolism and don’t eat at night.

It theoretically seems right that if you are just going to bed then a night meal would supposedly add weight. Nope, as we always used to say, what you eat is the matter. If you are eating a healthy meal at night then it can promote more advantages to lose weight.

Most of the people prefer junk food like pizza and all then how could you expect not to gain weight. Forget about night if you eat junk food in the morning that even promotes weight gain. So it’s not the time to decide about your body weight response.

What you eat is a very important factor to consider. You need energy after morning and you haven’t recovered your full energy throughout the day that’s why night meals are so important.

Weight loss is regular process

Losing weight is not a regular process, it always varies day by day. It’s not mandatory that you will always shed pounds of weight every day. Sometimes you may gain weight but it’s not a matter of concern.

Our body has never a constant weight, in the entire day your body weight fluctuates day to night. This is because if you eat extra food sometimes then your body takes more time to digest it.

The amount of weight food you eat, that much weight your body will have in your stomach. So don’t get bothered about it, your body weight is not linear it’s always fluctuating and it should be.

How can you surpass the weight loss myths?

This is not so tough because it’s all about your understanding with your body and mind. If you are a hating person then there are huge chances to become a victim of these myths.

You need to be calm for your weight loss goals. Don’t be in a hurry, first have some basic knowledge about the weight loss industry. Very important thing to consider, everyone wants their own conception true as they want. But your conception doesn’t change the truth that’s why you need to be very loyal with true concepts of weight loss.


All the myths really matter to your efforts because you really don’t wanna waste your time and energy for nothing. So having a clear view on every myth explained above is really important.

Your clear knowledge is what makes it easy to lose weight fast but incomplete or wrong knowledge will lose your hope and path. After getting through the myths you will probably encounter your mistakes without any difficulties.

We are not saying that you haven’t knowledge about weight loss but choosing the correct one is the good choice. Once you understand what would go wrong in future then it could be easy to solve it.

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