Weight loss workout plan

Weight Loss Workout Plan For Beginners

We know that you are looking for a weight loss plan but you haven’t got any because you need some simple and easy exercises.

There is no doubt that losing weight is not an easy task because your body is continuously gaining weight. Your workout is nothing but the resistance for weight gaining factors of your body.

There are lots of plans that can assist you with your weight loss goals but that need advanced training. We were thinking about those people who can’t afford to move their body too much and various body movements.

It’s hard though to perform training exercises but somehow we are able to design a weight loss workout plan with just simple exercises that you can do at home.

If we have given you difficult or advanced level exercises for it at the beginning then it’s obvious that you will definitely deny the exercise.

Our first motive for this weight loss workout plan is to make it easy for everyone. Even old aged people can do it. The only difference is that old aged people should lower the reps and sets.

There is no favor for young people. You should go to all of these exercises. If you are still struggling for weight loss motivation the it could help you.
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You probably skipped exercise because it seems to be so difficult to perform that’s why we have designed this workout plan with very simple exercises.

Weight loss workout plan overview

  • Main goal: weight loss
  • Type: full body
  • Level: beginner plus
  • Duration: 5 weeks
  • Days per week: 4
  • Time: 40-50 min
  • Equipment: body weight

Exercise overview

As we mentioned before our first motive is to make this workout plan damn easy with good results of output.

You should know these all exercises then you can only know when and how to perform it. The exercises included here are all responsible to move your full body, that’s why it will help you to lose weight.

Losing fat is another factor this exercise will target your body to lose weight and losing fat is a byproduct of these exercises. You can go with these exercises to lose fat. So now let’s have a look over exercises.

1. Step planks

Step planks are very effective to strengthen your arms and stamina. This exercise incorporates your whole body in action.

You may not be aware of it but think that your abs are in plank position. Your legs need to be straight that’s why your legs get in action also. And your arms are moving that make extra action for weight loss.

That means you are targeting your whole body with different actions. The movements of your arms depends on your target goal, if you want to boost your strength then go slow and if you want to boost your stamina go fast.

  • Get in plank position 
  • Keep distance between your stomach and floor
  • Don’t let gold your knees 
  • Now, try to get in push up position with one hand action at a time
  • Go again in plank position, repeat this action

2. Kick back plank

We didn’t forget about butt development, now we can see that your butt is also a very important part to make your body attractive.

You can see over the web how much people are getting crazy for well shaped butts. This exercise will assist you to develop your butt. Besides we incorporate plank and arm strength in this same exercise. You need to kick back to keep your plank position on. 

  • Once you get in plank position
  • Get your one leg closer to your chest
  • After reaching to your chest tele back or kick back as much high you can
  • If you have completed one leg then switch to your other leg
  • Repeat this action for period of time

3. Slow burpees

Weight loss purpose: we have gone slow with burpees. In normal burpees you can see people jump and do it as fast as they can. But here our goal is to lose weight by focusing on strength and stamina so it’s better to go slow with burpees.

Whenever we need to burn more calories without taking care about strength then we will go fast with it. Don’t forget to have a push up whenever you go lying on the floor.

  • Stand straight and be ready
  • You need to fix your structure of burpees 
  • Every time you go for push up repeat that same action for every time

4. Circle leg down

It’s the same as leg raises exercise but not totally the same. We will not join our legs while we raise up. Whenever we are getting down our legs then it should be closer or joint to each other.

We just change the movement when raising to target lower abs from different angles. If you raise your legs with keep it joint your lower abs get directly hit and if you get wide legs while raising your whole lower abs portion get hit.

While getting down the result is the same as leg raises exercise. Besides this exercise will help for developing leg strength.

  • Lied on the floor
  • Have normal distance between your legs
  • Raise it together and get closer to each mother 
  • Now get down it slowly 

5. Side knee elbow touch

This is like side crunches but with extra targeted body muscles. You are not allowed to just side plank but need to move your body with keeping plank posture.

This exercise needs to be done with both sides that even make it more effective. That incorporates your arm, abs, and legs in action. Arm will develop your strength and elbow, and the knee will improve your endurance. Try to maintain your balance while doing this exercise.

  • Have a side plank position 
  • Keep your balance well 
  • Try to touch your upper side elbows to its particular side knee
  • After touching it get to normal position 
  • When you complete one side then switch the side and do the same with other way

6. Dancing dips

Dancing dips are very effective for weight loss and muscle strength. We include this exercise to boost your strength and endurance. Your total body activity is important to complete this full body weight loss workout plan.

You can see here that you will love your full body and perform different actions with body parts. Your chest , triceps and legs will get moved for the duration of exercise. We simply called it a dancing dips because that incorporates dancing movements.

7. Running

There is no doubt that running can help you to reduce weight. Tuning will not only help with weight loss but also fat loss.

Running is basically a cardio type exercise that will improve your blood circulation in the body and prepare your body for exercise.

Running consumes lots of calories so we can’t ignore it nor skip.

8. Leg lift clap

Leg lift clap is the best option for those who are having trouble to love their body. This exercise is important to transfer signals to your body for losing weight.

If you are facing a problem because of your stubborn body then go for it for sure. Once you start this exercise your body will plan and change your structure to make it even more easy for you.

  • Get in standing position
  • First raise both hands up
  • Now raise your one thigh and clap with your both hands with cross over your thigh
  • Raise your hands up and now time for second leg 
  • Clap again with both hands with cross over
  • Repeat this exercise for given time

9. Alternate leg touch

Here we modified the exercise with raising your hand with your legs. Alternate leg touch is like alternate leg raise but we want to move more that’s why we include hand action in this. Your hands’ action with legs will promote more calories to burn. 

  • Get lied down on the floor
  • Your both hands should be over your head and straight way
  • Now raise only one leg and simultaneously raise its cross hand
  • Try to touch your hand to its cross leg 
  • Once you touch get down both hands
  • Time raise other leg and hand
  • Do the same as you did before

10. Seated waving crunches


You can have multiple names for it so don’t get bothered about the name but the form. We are simply gonna target your core strength. We use brick for only reference purposes otherwise here is no use of it.

This exercise will assist you with improving your abs strength. Your waning legs and moving hip improve your endurance.

  • Get seated on floor
  • Have a one brick in front of you for reference purpose only
  • Now close your legs and make jump from right to left and left to right over brick
  • The duration will be mentioned in workout plan

11. Oblique crunch kick

If you know about oblique crunches then it would be easy for you to perform this exercise. We just mixed the kick to make your body more flexible.

Your kick may assist you in losing thigh fat and improve flexibility. This exercise will perform in standing position. Your abs or body get twisted whenever you try to touch elbows and knees.

It’s an easy exercise with high advantages with your body. If you have a belly fat that will help you to reduce it.

  • Stand straight and get your both hands behind your head
  • Raise your left leg and try to touch with your right elbow 
  • Once you touch it, during getting back to initial position kick back with same force
  • Get back to initial position 
  • It’s time for other hand and leg

Weight loss workout plan schedule 

Our target is to lose weight and excluding your problem excuses that’s why we distributed this exercise within days. The total workout days in week will be 4. Those four days are not coming back to back so there is proper structure designed for it.

For day 1 and day 2 are exercise days then day 3 is resting day. Day 4 and day 5 is exercise day and day 6 and day 7 are resting days.

Day 1

Warm up

  • Running: 5 min running 2 minutes rest
  • Leg lift clap: 5 min leg lift clap and 2 min rest
Workout RepsSets
Step planks (7 min)124
Kick back planks (7 min)12 both legs3
Slow burpees (7 min)103
Alternate leg touch (7 min)10 both legs3

Slow down:

  • Seated waving crunches: 3 minutes

Day 2

Warm up

  • Oblique crunch kick: 5 min and 2 min rest
  • Seated waving crunches: 5 min and 2 min rest
Slow burpees (7 min)103
Leg circle down (7 min)123
Side knee elbow crunches (7 min)103
Dancing dips (7 min)103

Slow down:

  • Leg lift clap: 3 minutes

Day 3

Rest day

Maintain your diet like having weight loss foods. You don’t need to limit yourself, you can eat these foods which assist you to lose your weight. If you can follow a diet then here are some which can help you more.

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Day 4

Having the same exercise we have done on day 1. There is no need to change or add any extra activities. You can increase your speed or reps to burn more calories.

Day 5

This is the same exercises we have done on day 2 if you can then increase speed or strength. 

Day 6 and 7

Here both days are rest days to feel total relaxation mode. You can have simply put some habits that will help you to keep you in a healthy routine.People can go reckless on these totally rest days. But remember your mistakes will really pay you off.

That’s why you should do whatever you want to do but don’t make mistakes that will be a barrier for your weight loss goals.

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When should I workout?

It’s a very confusing question for so many people, but that does not make much difference. It’s all about your comfort time zone. If you have time in the morning then you can do it and start your day.

What will be the best time for it? It’s all about your energy time. There are people who don’t feel energetic in the morning so in this situation it doesn’t matter how much early you wake up.

If you can’t put your energy into exercise then it’s better to go for the evening. You just need to know one thing that, there must be a minimum 1 hour gap between your exercise time and your meal time.

Foods for weight loss

You always need to take care of your eating habits. Exercising with right choice of food can help you to lose weight even faster. Here are some foods that can help you to lose weight.

  1. Salmon
  2. Cruciferous vegetables
  3. Soups
  4. Avocados
  5. Full fat yogurt
  6. Verdant greens
  7. Nuts
  8. Coconut oil
  9. Entire eggs
  10. Boiled potatoes
  11. Lean beef or chicken breast
  12. Beans and legumes
  13. Fish
  14. Curd
  15. Apple cider
  16. Grains
  17. Bean stew pepper
  18. Grapefruits
  19. Chia seeds

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This is the whole distribution of exercises with its schedule. These all exercises with proper scheduling will help you to keep you active and will not let you to feel bored.

People are getting tedious to follow exercises and diets. That’s why we have just put 4 days on work and others are rest days. But don’t go cocky on your rest day; you should have some general activities like your daily routine.

If you follow all above information without any cheating then you definitely gonna lose weight. If you think this is not suitable for you then try these below.

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