Manage stress

What are some simple tips to manage stress?

Having stress is not as bad as we think but not able to manage it can make it bad. We can manage stress if we know what should we do or not.

Every emotions and feeling have their own purpose in life, but what is unfair is that to not take control over your feelings or emotions. Stress is one of them which can make you down or lead you to heavy burden thoughts.

Here are some tips which can help your to manage your stress.

1. Wait and first think about problem

Very important step to manage tour stress. It is very important to look over your problems and to think is it worth to get stress or not? People are misguiding themselves with stress without even thinking about that problem.

You should think about the problems and find it’s proper solution because if you are just getting stress you would not able to solved it. When the situation arrives and you get stressed you have chance that look and watch what is the thing which make you to get stressed and why.

We are just looking over problems without looking over the solution. When you would know that formula, you would find it’s solution without ant stress.

2. Make list of solutions and prepare plan to manage stress

It’s next step to manage your stress. Whenever you get stressed it’s because of your unsolved plans. It means if you would solved your problems with given time you can’t get stressed. So make your list of unsolved problems and think the plan to solve it.

When you create the list of your problems then next step is to make the list of solutions. Never underestimate the making list of solutions of your problem because you would not remember that problems and it’s solutions. When you make the solution list you will get remember of your problems to solve otherwise stress always will your partner.

After completion of your list of solutions you must prepare the plan because without plan your list is no value. So prepare the plan before you starting to take the action of your solution lists. Always be a confident to manage your stress with list of solution and it’s plan.

3. Accept those things which you cant control, will help to manage stress

If you really want to manage your stress, you should not over confident on yourself because overconfidence will make you blind and will not shows you clear picture of problem.

In life some problems are not in our hand to control or manage but we being arrogant that not to believe, and that would be the biggest reason to get stress.

Sometime we just think that we can control everything and the situations is going out of hand or control and eventually it will lead you to stress.

4. Take a break and be relax to manage stress

Doing work everyday would be a good but taking break some day would be better choice to manage stress. Only work will not able to manage your stress because over work will responsible for stress. It’s not necessary that you should take a action or busy to doing some work or solving your problems.

Make your mind sometimes work-free and enjoy the state of doing nothing. Your workflow could be responsible to lead you towards stress. So take break and be relax.

5. Attempt to Get Some Regular Exercise Every Day

May be you would not believe that but exercise is the best remedy for manage your stress. Actually stress can make you or can change your mind to not to go for exercise but believe it exercise will definitely help you to get rid of stress.

Exercise freshen up your mood and make you active physically and even mental too. So never underestimate the power of exercise. Human body is projection of your mind that means your body will become what you feel.

Same goes for the body also what your body projects will become your mind. If your body is healthy that means your mind is also healthy. If your body is fit your mind is also fit. So go and attempt some exercises that will help you to manage stress.

6. Don’t conceal your feelings, open up it

Stress is nothing but our emotional state of our mind. That simply means stress is a one kind of emotion that we named as stress. If you are feeling burden, sad, anxious or depressed you must open up your feeling to your friend or closer one.

If you are just hiding your feelings it will become burden on you. Your mind get to heavy with your thoughts or even you can’t handle that heaviness of your feelings and that would make you stressed. Being open is not the weakness, there is no shame to be open with your thoughts with other.

The more you hide the more you become stress. So open up your feelings without caring about people, because no one will come to help you to manage your stress.

7. Set realistic expectations in life to manage stress

It’s a n one of the biggest issue to get stressed, because everyone has dreams to achieve or to become like he wants. But sometimes we thinking that which we could not possibly achieve in our life and that would be make you stress.

Your expectations must be valid or real to achieve. Don’t think so high like we are watching in movies, movies are always a expanded version of our expectations.

If you are thinking to do something or achieve something which is never possible for you, you should drop your expectation for it because life allow only real rules not imaginary.

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8. Resolve issues before become they get out of control

It’s one the biggest reason to get stress, because we get careless with our problems and wait till the last moment. Just like we are filing some forms online and the last date is so far away from the today’s date.

Then we always think to fill the form tomorrow and that tomorrow comes to last date. And then we doing hurry and hasting to fill that form at that moment before link get expired.

We need to always remember that every problem only appears with it’s solution at time and the it could be easily solved if you take heed at that moment but we get reckless and them situations got out of control and simply we are not able to handle it. That is the biggest mistake we doing to get stress by our own self.

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