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What Are Some Weight Loss Mistakes

Losing weight will be easy if you know what you are mistaken during weight loss. You might questioning that everything you are doing is in favor of weight loss but why you are not losing weight.

You may really get frustrating or discourage yourself for not losing weight even with lot of hardwork. Weight loss is not an easy task but think if you got to know that you have been making an effort to lose weight it was all wrong. How does this feel? Yes, damn frustrating.

There are lots of people who are struggling to lose weight every day, and they are putting lots of effort into it. If we know that weight loss is very difficult then how could we sacrifice with its mistakes .

The knowledge of how to lose weight is important but we can not ignore the mistakes during this process. Your all hard work will only give you better results if you encounter all the mistakes that most of the people are going through.

Why should you be aware of weight loss mistakes?

The answer is too easy and affordable to understand. There are always things you need to consider to reach your goals. First, the perfect knowledge of what you should do. Second, what should you not do. These both are the two legs of your goals.

If you just think to maintain one leg then you can’t possibly reach your goals. You may get stuck in the middle or lose your hope of weight loss. People are more likely to give attention to supporting things but opposite things really does matter here.

1. Not focusing on your meal

In this hasting life people are forgetting to live life. You are not living your life but just surviving for someone’s sake. We are working for food then how could you dare to put it in lower priority.

Whenever it is time for lunch or breakfast you should be fully focused on your meal. Enjoy your meal then only it will digest you. Your food is what makes you fat or lose weight. If you are working on your laptop and keeping foods aside then your mind will not give a priority to digesting your food.

Your mind will always think that work is important and meal is just an option. So you should better enjoy your food and keep your work aside for a period of time.

2. Eating in standing position

Researchers stated that your food will digest you more better if you eat it in a sitting position. If you are eating in a standing position then it will not digest well. It can cause you to gas problems. Your calories consumption will get sabotage.

So many people are eating chips and light foods in the kitchen or in the garden. It’s not a good idea, this is why you need to sit and eat.

3. Skipping meal

It’s the first choice of every weight loss person. They usually think that skipping meals will lower the calorie intake then how could I gain weight. Yes, it’s true that you will lower the calories intake with skipping, but it’s not a healthy approach.

You would get sick or lose your immune system. Skipping meals is the worst idea to lose weight. You may have headache or some stomach related problems if you deliberately skip your meals. Please eat your food whenever you are hungry. Your energetic body is important to help you to lose weight.

4. Eating junk food

Junk is the main source of weight gain. But this weight gain is not healthy. Junk food will help you to increase your fat weight not body weight. You should know the difference between fat and body weight.

There are some healthy ways to increase weight and junk foods are unhealthy or unbalanced weight gain approaches. If you leave to eat junk foods then your body response will improve. Your metabolism and fat will get reduced by itself. You should say no to junk foods.

5. Don’t focus on fixed weight

If you will target to achieve desired weight then don’t be stuck with perfection. Remember our body changes it’s weights throughout the day. You must not try to get fixed weight because eventually you will be demotivated.

Lots of people are entered to lose weight at a particular limit. That limit is your barrier, just imagine you are continuously checking your weight and it’s varying from morning to night.

In that case you probably get confused and follow the wrong path. So it’s always better not to look for fixed weight. You need to just think about suitable weight with your body.

6. Eating few or lots of calories

Calorie management is the key to weight loss. If you want to lose weight or either gain, you need to take care of calorie intake. Most people ignore counting calories throughout the day. We know that you are going reckless for counting it because who can care about calories that much.

You would not achieve your weight loss goal in this way of life. People are struggling and still not losing any weight because they think it’s all futile things to consider. You only want tips that you can see with your eyes.

Everything related to your body management can’t be handled from the outside. It’s all changed from inside. So that’s why take care of how many calories you are getting in your body in a whole day.

7. Not exercising and too much exercise

Our body is not working with math rules. Here you can’t conclude 1+1 is 2. It sometimes can be 1 or 5 anything can be. In our body there are lots of things that need to be considered.

Most people are thinking that the more you exercise, the more you have benefits. Your body is all about balance, you need to keep the right balance in everything. Excessive amounts of exercise can cause you to feel tired or sick.

The amount of exercise is also an important factor to consider. How much your body can handle and respond is what is important. Don’t over exercise yourself, you can have moderate amounts of exercise to lose weight.

8. Not lifting weights

Weight loss means cardio. No, this is the most intense mistake I have seen among people. If you are thinking that cardio only helps you to lose weight then it’s wrong. We have already discussed the need to keep balance with your body.

Lifting weights will help you to boost your strength and metabolism. Your foods will digest well if you start to lift weights. Cardio exercise mainly targets your cardiovascular frame. But what about its safety? Lifting weights can help you keep your heart healthy. So don’t just cardio but lift weight also.

9. Not getting enough sleep

Sleep is the base of all health factors. Whatever you want to achieve you can’t get it without enough sleep. Your efforts will give you results only if you have good enough sleep. How much sleep you are getting does matter for weight loss.

What you eat, your exercise will only benefit after you complete your sleep. You must know your body needs rest after you exercise, to digest your food sleep is mandatory. Researchers stated that people with lack of sleep have more chances of diseases and obesity. It’s better to have enough sleep for weight loss.

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10. Eating low fat foods

First of all, fatty foods do not add any fat in your body. It’s responsible to gain weight. Fatty foods are very important to our body to keep fat ration levels. Our body needs fat to survive with this atmosphere.

You can’t live without fat, if you just think about muscles then you should start to eat fat foods. Researchers stated that fat foods can assist you to lose weight more quickly. Fat foods can help to improve your digestion and metabolism that can help you to lose weight.

11. Not eating enough protein

Protein is very important to lose weight. It not only assists you with weight loss but weight gain also. Your body needs enough protein to repair its muscles. Without protein your muscles can’t grow and muscles grow is responsible to lift heavy weights.

You need to calculate how much protein your body really needs to grow healthy. Excessive amount of protein will not help to give you extra benefits. Body system is so strict with its framework.

How much protein your body needs, how much protein will get digested in your body remains will remain. There will be no advantages to extra protein in the body. But it’s better than not eating enough protein.

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12. Not eating fiber foods

What is fiber? Have you ever considered it with your weight loss plan? I know you hadn’t considered it for weight loss. Whenever it comes to weight loss people are only thinking about protein and calorie consumption but what about other nutritions.

Only calories counting can’t help you to lose weight. There are more important things that really affect your weight. Fiber nutrition is one of them that can help to lose weight. You need to take the appropriate amount of fiber in your body to keep healthy balance.

We have water fat with our body, and fiber foods are most helpful to lose water fat. So choosing fiber foods for weight loss would be a good decision.

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13. Eating too much fat

We have already discussed above that fat foods will help you to lose weight but remember overdose always has bad effects. You should only eat fat foods according to your body’s needs.

Keto diet is focusing on low carb and high fat foods but also recommends nutrition balance. It’s not only about lowering your carbs intake. Eating low carb foods and fighting fat foods without any knowledge can lead you to weight gain.

In the case you are not losing weight with high fat foods that means you need to decrease the amount of fat.

14. Eating too often

Just go in the kitchen and look over there, you will probably get to eat some light food for chewing. This is nothing but a very bad habit. Don’t think you are just eating futile foods, it does matter to your digestion system.

Why are you giving work to your digestion system for a light amount of food. The energy you will consume would be the same. There is not much difference to losing energy with digestion.

Your body needs to feel steady throughout the day. If you just eat too often then your stomach feels to be full. In that case your body will not try to lose any weight.

15. Wrong expectations

This is one of the discouraging ways of losing weight. Everyone is in a hurry in their work. It’s not only about job but weight loss also. You most probably imagined that you will lose 5-10kg in months. This will not motivate you but disappoint you.

The dreams you are keeping with weight loss should be realistic. If you would have realistic dreams or goals then you can get motivation with it. But how can you get motivation if you failed to achieve your imaginary goals?

You don’t need to be hurrying to lose weight because you will definitely lose weight but it will just take time. Remember good things always take time to happen.

16. Eating sugar

Some of the people are trying to cut off sugar and starting to drink juice and all. It’s just an alternative without any advantage. If you want to stop gaining weight then you need to say no for sugar. Drink tea or coffee without adding sugar in it.

Sugar contains lots of calories that can lead you to gain undesirable weight. The products which contain high amounts of sugar should be bypassed. We know you love to eat chocolate and all but if you love your body then make your choice.


If you follow weight loss tips then you should know these tips also. You must remember these tips are not about only mistakes because encountering these mistakes will help you to lose weight even faster.

Consider these all tips as positively not negatively. Follow the right path you should for weight loss and avoid the mistakes that will give you double advantage.

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