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What Is Real Name Or Religion Of Khan Sir Truth With Proof

Real name of Khan sir and religion, this is the most asked question for now in India by those who want to divide people by religion. Will you forget everything of his teachings if he claimed to be Khan or Singh? Here is the reality in this article.

Teachers have no religion, your understanding is not depends of teachers religion but the way of his teachings. We are not supporting any bakwas news channel, because they don’t want to know the truth but just want spicy news.

First, beware of those fake news who just want to defame Khan sir, because some people are deliberately trying to defame Khan sir. Here are some websites who spread the fake news and trying to prove their point on invalid justification.

In this article we are going to try to you explain his truth but if you are ready to believe the truth as it is then read further otherwise leave this page right now.

In our society we people mostly likely to differentiate people with their name and religion but no one is asking for the behavior and the profession of the person. You may have watched number of videos of Khan sir but have you ever noticed that are you able to understand because of his name or because of his teaching style.

If we found his real name is Khan or Singh then does it really matter to our understanding level of his teaching. Khan sir is direct motive to educate India, he want people to remember him for his profession not for his religion.

There is motive behind it and it’s very easy to notice that, just think. If started to claim as a Muslim then Muslims will start to use his name to glorify their Religion but not to sir. And if he claimed to be Singh then people will start to glorify Hindu religion but not his profession. This is just one example there are numerous satiations where particular religion also try to claim to protect their religion bad deeds.

We can see the example of APJ Kalam, people are using APJ Kalam to just defend the particular religion. But the same religion people don’t have even 2% quality of his. Honestly saying that, APJ Kalam was not Muslim, he was and will be Indian forever.

APJ Kalam wanted people to remember his name as Indian but letter, Muslims started to claim that he was Muslim. APJ Kalam was true hero on India and India will never forget his contribution for nation love. APJ Kalam sir never claimed himself as a Muslim but only Indian.

And now we can see people are again start to defame Khan sir, because he is not going to support any religion, if he will claimed as a Muslim then Muslims will start to rake advantage of it and if he claimed to be Hindu then Hindus will start to take his advantage.

Khan sir religion: Indian
Khan sir cast: Teacher

Muslims are really angry on him because he don’t defame Muslims but revealing the truth as it is. We should not ashamed when someone is trying to show your weaknesses because we can’t overcome out weaknesses until we got to know it.

In some videos he told the truth of protester child who should be not their in that protest. So Khan sir suggested not to involve child in such protest. He will not grow well and will have to struggle for whole life. And it was about Pakistan and some fool Pakistani supporters Muslims felt bad for it and trying to defame him.

Remember, Khan sir can follow any tradition as he want, we are not living in Pakistan or other strict laws undeveloped Arab countries. It’s our choice and Indian constitution is in favor for this. We don’t priorities any particular religion. Even he is Muslim no one can force him to what to do or not. It’s his own life and more importantly it’s doesn’t matter to his profession and way of teaching.

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