What Is Sapiosexual? Are You The One?

If you are confused about what is sapiosexual then you are not alone. Actually there are so many people who are sapiosexual right now. It’s not about gender and all, it’s a very different thing. It’s all about your approach toward getting attracted to someone. So if you are thinking that sapiosexual is some kind of gender then forget about it and read this article to know more about it.

What is sapiosexual?

Sapiosexual is an approach of an individual to get attracted to someone else. It’s not physical attraction, actually physical attraction gets on secondary priority. If a person is attracted because of someone’s intelligence that means you are sapiosexual.

Nowadays people get so many ways to fall in love, some people are falling in love because of their beautiful face or sexy body. But now people are changed and fall in love with someone who is intelligent. The people who are more fall in love with the people who are smart and sharp minded are called sapiosexual.

Am I sapiosexual?

We can’t give you a direct answer about it but can give you some knowledge to understand whether you are or not. If you are attracted towards the people who are intelligent that means you are sapiosexual. It’s not very difficult to know that.

Although there are some other definitions also but all definitions are surrounding intelligence. So the most common thing about sapiosexuality is intelligence. If you want your crush to fall in love with you then you need to be smart and intelligent.

Does a sapiosexual get sexual desires?

Of cource yes, it’s doesn’t matter in what way you are getting fall in love but sex is the final destination. Sapiosexuality is not only about intelligence approach, these people have desire to have sex with intelligent people. Like we said earlier you can’t just feel sexual desires with look and beauty.

There are some people who have sexual desires with intelligent people. As we see, these kinds of people are increasing day by day. Remember that getting sexually attracted to intelligent people means sapiosexuality. It include sex also.

Is sapiosexuality normal?

Yes, of course it’s normal. There is no need to panic if you feel sexually attracted with intelligent people. It’s all about personal ways to get attracted. Some people are getting attracted towards bikini bodies or six pack abs bodies so it’s not a problem at all. So why do you think that sapiosexuality can cause problems.

There is only one problem, because you can’t make an intelligent person fall in love with you. You need to take lots of efforts to make him fall in love with you. I mean just think, most intelligent people don’t give priority to love, they are more likely interested in their work and goals. So now it all depends on you how you will make someone intelligent to fall in love with you.

Is sapiosexuality gender?

Nope, it’s nothing to do with gender. Any kind of gender falls in love with an intelligent person. If you are gay then you will fall in live with intelligent men or if you are lesbian then you will fall in live with intelligent women. Don’t consider sapiosexuality as gender. It’s just a sexual approach that everyone has in different ways. A straight guy will fall in love with intelligent women rather than normal women. This is all about gender.

What are some signs of sapiosexuality?

Here are some very simple signs that can indicate you are sapiosexual.

  1. You are being more curious about intelligent
  2. Not caring about physical appearance
  3. Smart way of conversation turns you on
  4. You are getting fascinate with their conversation
  5. Fall in love with their intelligence
  6. Feeling to get close with intelligent person

How to impress a sapiosexual person?

Even if a person is intelligent he can’t get away from love chemical reactions. You can’t make him fall in love with just highly paid makeup, you need to take the way he likes. Here are some tips that can help you to impress intelligent people.

  1. Try to ask some intelligent questions
  2. Use your body language
  3. Use a impressive words while talking
  4. Use some intelligent way of love chat
  5. Gift them which can help them to become more intelligent
  6. Have some presentations together
  7. Give more priority to intelligence than make up or grooming
  8. Don’t say no to opportunities to prove yourself


Sapiosexuality is a very common thing and need not be considered as a different gender. Everyone has their own choice and desires to get attracted. If you are attracted to sexy or handsome men then it’s your desire or choice. Mainly two intelligent people have more chances to fall in love with each other.

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