What is social media marketing and advantages

What Is Social Media Marketing And Importance

If you want to generate more traffic to your website socially then you must know what is social media marketing. Everyone wants to drive more users to their website or blog to make money and brand awareness.

Most of the population is on social media, who only like to interact with this world in digital way. We can’t ignore the power of social media for your website and blog. There are lots of ways to drive lots of traffic to your website with social platforms.

The only need before you start social media marketing is that having a good knowledge of it. There are lots of people who are struggling to generate traffic with social media but they failed. It’s not only depends on how do you frequently post the new article but your strategies.

You need to develop new strategies with new updated world, this world is damn fickle minded, what was trending yesterday may not trending the following day. That’s why digital marketing is taking high demand these days.

Importance of social media marketing

There is no one can denied the importance of social media marketing because now it’s too easy to see how does it affect and help you. If you are familiar with google analytics then you might already aware of how to know how much traffic you received from social platforms.

This is the proof that google even distinguish and focusing differently on social media generated traffic then how could we ignore it. Most of the people are using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc for new information. We can see here google is not the only way left to make people visit your website.

Brand awareness

One of the best way to increase awareness of your business and blog is social platform. If you really like blogging then there is no way to ignore social media link share. You can share your links on social media on your blog created page.

You can create pages of your business and blog on social media and can redirect them to your website. Social media is the easiest way to promote your blog to the world. It doesn’t only help for traffic but also help to make people aware of your brand.


Google is not the only way to advertise your blog, you can also promote your business on social media. Besides you have a choice to target your desire customers. Internet is full of needed people who want something form someone.

Nowadays social media also help lots of people to find their needed services like, cake orders, aquarium, laptop repairing, etc. If you are looking something then you can search it on social media also and you would find the results.

Advertising is not limited for only advertising companies, you can handle your advertising by your own with social promotion features. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc providing very flexible control over your advertisement.


If someone came to your website by google then they will probably not coming again to your site with other queries. But with social media, there are highly chances to return your visitors again and again.

Google algorithm is very tough and competitive for each and every keyword. So in case you are new on google then only one thing you can do on google is waiting. Social media can respond very well and wide if it compare to google search.

On social media once anyone  liked and followed your page then they will have continuously notified whenever you post any new article. That’s the biggest advantage of social media marketing.

Own analytics

As we can see whole website behavior with google analytics, every social media have their own analytics. On google analytics you can see each and every movement of your website but with social analytics you can see whole behavior in only each platform.

If you have a Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest page then you can see which post doing more work for your blog. You can try to target your audience with desire hashtags. If you want to add some new information then you can keep update news and information of your business.

Most used platforms for social media marketing

Social media marketing is not a child’s game, it needs experience and proper knowledge about each platform. Remember each social media have their own algorithm that simply means we can’t go with same pattern on all medias.

If you are doing very good on Facebook with your current strategies that doesn’t mean it will work for Instagram with same strategies. Here we provided most used social media platform with few tips for social media marketing.

1. Facebook

Facebook is the mostly world wide used social media platform. If you want to do social media marketing you first need to learn how to use Facebook for your business marketing.

At the beginning it was just connecting people site but later they started to promote your sites and blogs on it. If you want to learn more about it, we had already wrote a article on it.

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2. Instagram

After Facebook, Instagram is the second mostly used social platform. At the beginning it was just a picture promotional site but later they made a lot of improvements in it. Now Instagram becoming more and more popular with time because it made even more easier to promote any content.

It’s very easy to create your business page on Instagram for your brand. Besides Instagram is being more genuine way to promote your content than Facebook.

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3. Pinterest

If you are creative with images then you can go with Pinterest platform. It’s not mainly connecting people site but to promote your business. It’s very popular and high quality way to promote your blog. Facebook is good but there are lots of people who are just vising Facebook for timepass.

But on Pinterest people are not visiting there to interact, their first motive is to seeking the information. And that’s why it’s one of the genuine social site to gain information.

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4. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is job seeking portal but can also help you to promote your company at professional level. You can create your company page and add yourself as a director and founder. With LinkedIn people can easily trust your brand.

Brand is mainly focusing on availability and presence of company. It’s not mandatory to have physical presence of your company. In some cases you might have only blog and information giving website then LinkedIn page can help people to trust it.


These are all not the only way for social media marketing but they are more widely used and trending. If you want to know more about Digital Marketing you can see our other articles which can eve give you more knowledge in deep.

We have just given a light summary of every platform because we have already covered all social media marketing strategies in previous articles. We have provided the link below to make it easier for you to find it.

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