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What Is The Reason Behind The Protest Against Khan Sir

Why some Muslims are protesting against Khan sir, what is the main reason. Most of them claimed him as a Amit Singh without any proof and why they are barking without any background verification.

Suddenly, some Muslim organizations started to bark against Khan sir because he told the truth as it is. They started to think that Khan sir is insulting them. But you need to understand the difference between reality and insulting.

Insulting is what when you allegedly defame someone without any reason and in basis of useless proofs, but Khan sir told the truth as it is and that truth was so true to feel them ashamed and that’s why some organization started to bark.

Yet no one cares about their religion and name, everyone loves him because of his teaching style not for his name and religion. But some Muslim organizations are afraid of him because he is true Indian and not being Muslim. Muslim organization want Khan sir to glorify the Islam and Khan sir is always being true Indian and that what teases those organizations.

Here some Muslims will try to prove us wrong because we are in support of Khan sir, but we learn to speak the truth because of Khan sir. We saw and you can also on social media that in protestors there are 95% Muslims and other 5% might be fake and just trying to urge the people against Khan sir.

Muslims want them to behave like Muslim but our Khan sir is only following and loving India, and that’s why Muslims are taking help of fake information without any proof. It’s obvious Muslims want to take advantage of Khan sir to glorify Islam in India but they failed for it and now they realized Khan sir is true Indian.

In one video Khan sir pointed to the boy who’s height was even lower that banner. Khan sir said, “what is the need of this child here, he should be playing around and study for better future otherwise he will have to open shop of puncture”. We didn’t find anything wrong in this sentence, but those who want their child to be a terrorist get upset with it and felt ashamed.

Again, there are lots of Muslims as well who in support in Khan sir, we are only pointing them who are protesting uselessly against Khan sir.

Why some Muslim organizations are scared of him, they are thinking that other Muslims will start to love country instead of religion. Those organizations don’t want India to be superiors they just want their religion to be spread.

In video Khan sir appreciate the Israel, but don’t get confused. Israel get appreciated by Khan sir. Khan sir did not appreciate Israel he told the truth as it is. Just think 57 countries together are not able to fight against 1 Israel then you should get to know the reality not your imaginary brain wash thinking.

Khan sir is Indian like APJ Kalam, and remember APJ Kalam read the Bhagwat Geeta and suggested to everyone to read it so what is the meaning of it. He is not Hindu or Muslim he is true Indian who contributing to betterment of India.

Nowadays, we can see most of the Muslims are using APJ Kalam as shield but don’t have even 2% of quality as Kalam sir. Still there are some Muslims who claimed Kalam sir as Muslim, but have you ever asked Kalam sir his religion. Those are the people who are actually defaming APJ Kalam sir by using as a shield.

We hope it’s enough to help you to understand the what is happening now in name of Khan sir. Again, not all the Muslims are protesting against Khan sir, and in this article we are pointing only those protestors who are trying to divide people by the name of religion.

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