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When and What To Eat After Exercise

Choosing right food or nutrition after workout is very important. What you eat after your exercise will help you to grow faster.

I know you have put lots of hardwork in your workout. Everybody is always trying to do better than before and achieving his goals. We know that your better workout is the key for your fitness. For the sake of your workout you probably eat good foods to perform better before your workout time. There is no one who is not feeding themselves with high nutrition foods to perform well and lift heavy. But there are not that many people who think the same after workout.

How much you gave the importance to your pre workout meal that much should you give importance to your post workout meal. Your balance body not only depends on your pre workout meal but also on your post workout meal.

Lots of people are just feeding themselves with a large amount of quantity to gain and recover the power they lost during workout. This algorithm is not good if you really want to balance your body with proper nutrition. The way you treat your nutrition before exercise must be the same after your exercise. You need to take care of proper nutrition after you complete your workout.

Why is eating after a workout important?

Before we start to understand the importance of foods after workout we should know how our body responds to our workout.

When you are working out your body uses glycogen as a fuel. And your muscles are responsible to create a glycogen for your strength. That in result some of your protein gets damaged and broken. After your workout your body is trying to make glycogen and regain your protein muscle.

Eating after you have done your workout is very important to fully fill the need of your muscles. The earlier you eat the right food the better chances to grow or build your muscles. That’s why it’s very important to eat protein and the right amount of carbs after you complete your exercise.

Here are some benefits if you eat protein and carbs after your workout:

  • Reduce the chances of protein muscles breakdown
  • Improve muscles growth
  • Rebuild consumed glycogen
  • Boost recovery

Why protein, carbs and fat

Here we will discuss why protein, carbs and fat are important to your body after your workout.

Protein help to build and repair your muscles

We have learned above exercises break the muscle protein.

If you are just moving around the gym that means your body has no need of protein because you need at least some amount of exercise to improve your fitness. If you are really a simple or beginner exercise person then your muscle protein also gets breakdown.

There are very few people who don’t get breakdown of muscle protein.

Once you complete your workout, you need to eat protein to rebuild your muscles. Protein can help you to give your body amino acids that are more responsible for growth of muscles. That even gives an extra block to gain muscles.

We have seen that there are people who probably like to get protein after workout.

Why carb is important

Only protein is not considered to be complete nutrition for your body. Carbs are responsible for recovering your body. We know that our body starts paining after we are done with a workout. That pain can remain for days if you don’t feed it a complete nutrition. How long your body would be in pain is depends on your carbs.

Your glycogen is working as fuel during exercise. And eating carbs will help you to fill your glycogen level.

The amount of glycogen used during exercise depends on your activities. The cardio exercise needs more glycogen than heavy lift. That is why if you are a runner or dancer then you need more carbs than bodybuilder.

Why fat is important

So many people think that eating fat is not good for digestion and nutrition. But don’t forget fat is also considered a part of nutrition. You can’t deny any nutrition fully to sustain your body in a fit way. Even you think that fat will slow down your digestion system but it will not sabotage the benefit of your foods. Fat is just fat, it’s not a nutrition killer. We are not talking about eating lots of fat but having a minor amount of fat after your workout could be a good idea.

Timing of post workout nutrition

Your body needs to create more glycogen as soon as possible so that’s always a good idea to get protein and carbs as soon as possible after your workout. But don’t think that is a limit there is no limit for time. You may get your post workout nutrition in 1 hour after your exercise but remember the earlier you get the better your body feels.

Foods to eat after workout

If we need to get protein carbs and fat then that will be a better idea to list food with its nutrition.


  • Egg
  • Chicken
  • Salmon
  • Cheese
  • Protein supplement


  • Pasta
  • Rice
  • Oats
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Banana
  • Kiwi
  • Rice cakes


  • Nuts
  • Butter
  • Peanut butter
  • Avocados
  • Almonds

Sample post workout meal plan

  • Egg omelette and granola
  • Cheese and pitta
  • Chicken and rice cracker
  • Greek yogurt and whole grain bread
  • Salmon and salad
  • Veg cheese sandwich and sweet potatoes

Drink lots of water

It is so important to drink lots of water before and after your exercise. If you are properly hydrated then your internal body will help you to enhance the results of your nutrition and hardwork.

When you exercise your body loses water and electrolytes with sweat. Full fill the consumed water after a workout can help you to recover faster. How much water you should drink totally depends on the intensity of your workout.


Getting the proper amount of protein and carbs after your workout is very important to balance your body. It can enhance your performance with recovery and strength for the next workout.

The longest post workout nutrition should be not longer than 2 hours. You post workout nutrition is very important and should take in 1 hour.

At last we can’t forget the importance of water while we are focusing on nutrition. Water will help you to boost your results of nutrition and exercise.

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