Whats wrong strike with Youtute

Whats Wrong With YouTube: Partiality By YouTube Also

YouTube is not anymore platform for freedom of speech. You can only make videos which YouTube wants by you to make. If you raise your voice for justice against mob of injustice, then you don’t have a rights to raise your voice against injustice. There are lots of videos being deleted and removed by YouTube nowadays.

As per our experience YouTube makes justice with number of supporters. There is nothing to do with your loyal and valid points with YouTube. If your content insult or bullying against injustice you don’t have rights because population of injustice users is greater than justice users. What can we do for it? Nothing, we can’t do anything for it. We are just puppet who are being played by YouTube community. We are not opposing them for not having being upload our social videos. But what would you expect when YouTube let wrong videos on his platform and removing right videos!

Besides, we have seen lots of YouTube channels who don’t grow even with their original content but whenever famous YouTuber do the same thing they just make it viral without any copyright warnings. Triggered Insaan on of the best non non violent roaster, uploaded his video and got YouTube strike for it, but later we checked YouTube didn’t strike the same content on other YouTube channels. If is something wrong then it should be wrong for everyone but who knows, why they partiality on same platform.

YouTube is becoming like gangster, if you are well famous YouTuber then you can upload whatever you want but need to give more views on the video. But what about new YouTubers? It’s obvious they have to pay to promote their channel but what if someone’s traffic will stuck after end of the campaign. By the way we don’t know their algorithm but this is not fair to let content which is even wrong and remove the content which really need to be on.

The same incident we have seen during hope of Hindustani Bhau. Hindustani Bhau’s videos been strike but other YouTubers with same language were remaining on YouTube. This is so strange and we can’t even define why and what is this. At the end all YouTuber’s should have same rules without number of subscribers and views.

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