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Where Can I Share Blog Posts For Traffic

Here you can share your posts for website traffic

If you are a blogger and wanted to know the best platforms to share your blog posts to generate more traffic then this article is going to help you.

Every blogger is curious and want to get more and more traffic to his website or blog but how could they do it possibly without knowing the proper platforms to share. There is no doubt sharing is the first and last step to increase the traffic to your website.

If anyone thinking that just writing article will help him to get traffic without any promotion then you will never get the results. Blogging means 30% writing skills and 70% promotion skills, that’s why companies recruiting writers and marketers separately.

Is just writing articles enough?

If you are extraordinary with writings like OSHO then you don’t have to worry about marketing because your writings are nothing but promotion. In our case, our writing skills are ordinary like regular and simple human.

Here we can’t possibly attract people with just writing, today there are lots of people with different topics and you can’t possibly get highlighted by people that simply. In today’s world we need quality and promotional strategies too.

If you want a biggest example then you can see, BB ki vines, Ashish Chanchlani, Elvish Yadav, Triggered Insaan, etc. They have their own promotional teams who manages the promotion campaigns.

Yes, it’s true that you need some writing skills but beside you need to be good marketer to promote your blogs.

What are the platforms to share your blog posts or contents

There are mainly two purpose behind sharing any content to the world; first, you want to earn money and second, you want to get noticed so that you will earn money later.

Internet is full of source or platform to sharing your content, and there are lots of platforms available. It’s not only about platform but also to choose right appropriate path to share your contents.

In this article we are not going to explain about off page SEO like, back linking and guest posts. There is no chance to apply for guest post if you are at your initial stage.

We would like to share you some social and internet platforms that can help you to reach your content to maximum people and also get social media marketing.

1. Facebook

Facebook is the first in this list because most of the population using Facebook for information and entertainment. You can use Facebook platform effectively to share your post links on your account or page.

The best practice to share your link on Facebook is on your Facebook page. Your Facebook page will get noticed more than your account for Facebook users.

There are lots of ways that you can use Facebook for generating traffic for your blog and can also run the affiliate programs. We have already discussed about it in brief with our  Facebook marketing post.

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2. Instagram

Instagram is the second source which is being used by most of the population nowadays. If you are using Facebook then you have a plus point with Instagram because Facebook owned Instagram and made things even more easy.

You have a chance to run and share post and articles at a same time on Facebook and Instagram at a time. With use of Instagram you can create brand awareness and introduce your blog to the world.

It’s kind of tough but not impossible, now Instagram is being popular that’s why competition is also getting increased. If you want to know how can you use Instagram for sharing your blogs then read below topic.

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3. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the quality platform to get real and genuine traffic. If you have any idea then you can create your LinkedIn group where you can share your links.

You can send invitation to users to join your group, and then they will start to receiving the notifications whenever you post any article and links. Besides LinkedIn backlinks are genuine and help you for off page SEO.

It’s not necessary that you need to have company or store for it, if anyone interested will join you.

4. Twitter

Twitter is very good platform to share your content regarding to trends. There is no need to have a trend but trends can help your posts to reach wider audience.

If you are writing articles on social topics with really valid and reasonable points then users will repost it and help your content to reach more people. The most preferable way to use twitter is to go with trends.

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5. Pinterest

You can use your image creativity with Pinterest website. If you don’t know what is Pinterest and what can you do on it then you need to learn it. We can’t ignore the power of Pinterest platform.

You can share creative images with adding your link to your post. On Pinterest your post known as pins, your new post will called as a pin and this is similar to sharing your post.

Don’t be confused with names because every social media and sharing platforms using attractive names to attract people. Pinterest is images sharing platform where you can share your images with adding your article link to it.

Whenever anyone click on your pin then they will redirect to your main article which is belongs to your pinned article.

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6. Medium

Medium also gives the opportunities to share your article to entire world with their own platform. There are lots of people who using Medium to find an answers for their questions.

One of the best feature of Medium is that you can directly embed your blog article to it. You just need to use embed article feature on it and all the content of your particular article will get written.

Beside you can add or clear any of the content that fetched by article link, you can redirect them to your main website with suggestion links.

7. Reddit

Reddit is the lowest bounce rate bookmark website, the using rate of Reddit site is more than Instagram and Facebook. People have more trust on Reddit because it’s really strict community and don’t allow any spam.

You can’t simply share your links on any community and if you do, then you will be blocked by admin of that community. The better way to use Reddit to create your own community as your blog name. Once you create your own community then you are free to share anything and links as well.

We don’t recommend to share your direct link to any community until you sure it’s genuine and will help yo everyone. Remember again Reddit is strict with spam and self promotion that’s why you should create your own community to share any link and content.

8. Quora

The most widely used question and answer community is Quora. There isn’t any competition to Quora for question answering website. It’s best way to share your information with outbound links.

You need to searching for the question which answer is given in your blog article. If you own your article then only you can write as it is otherwise make some modification.

Quora is trusted and traffic driver for your website blog. You can also start your own group (group means community on Quora it calls Space). You can create space with your own blog name and can share your direct link on it. Don’t forget to put outbound links which redirect the user to your website blog.

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9. Tumblr

Tumblr is high quality platform to get genuine traffic to your website. It’s tough to get popularity on Tumblr but we can’t ignore it.

Once you started to reach people on Tumblr platform they more likely to visit your blog because Tumblr is all about trust and brand. This platform will help you to make people trust on your blog and then they will share your article if it’s really helpful.

At the beginning it’s definitely gonna be damn difficult but once you became brand then no worries. Users will start to notice it and you just have to share articles regularly.

10. Flip Board

Flip Board is growing website where you can mostly share your news based articles. There is no issue to share other article also but most of the users are using Flip Board to know news around the world.

You can create multiple menus and sub menus in it, that simply means you can create your own structure to make simple to find any topic in your account.

One thing you should know, you can’t share anything to other’s group, you need to create your own Board for it and can share on your database. Add some hashtags and let users explore it.


These all mainly used sites to share your content or links. If you are looking platforms to share your links then you should first start with these. There are many platform but we only covered most widely used sites.

With time sites users and trends will change like Instagram and Pinterest. Back in the time those platform weren’t popular as they are now. So in future if any platform get noticed and become popular we will add it in this article.

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