Why are you not gaining Instagram followers

Why Are You Not Gaining Instagram Followers

Reasons you are not gaining followers on Instagram

The most disappoint thing on Instagram is why am I not gaining the followers. If you want to gain Instagram followers you need to follow some algorithms and the demanding content on Instagram.

There are lots of people who are trying to gain their followers but they are not gaining any. It’s very cheap way to increase followers with follow back pattern. If you are demanding someone to follow just for follow back that simply means you are begging for it.

Remember the followers you have gained with begging can’t last long with you, and they will not like and share your contents because they are just following you back to keep you followed.

In this article we are going to save your lots of time which you have been wasting on Instagram for gaining followers. We will directly state some facts without giving you any wrong hopes.

You may have already read lots of ways to increase Instagram followers and we knew that you have failed with those ways. In the end reality is so different and you might have already noticed but you didn’t take it seriously.

So lets move to the point and let you know the truth to help you to increase your followers. Keep in mind we are not here to give you imaginary hopes, we are giving you practical knowledge and that would defiantly help you.

1. You are not a celebrity or relative of one

Keep it in your mind, Instagram is not the platform to become celebrity. You first need to become celebrity then you can create your account and yes you don’t have to create any content.

There are lots of people who are just son and daughters of celebrities and gaining followers without any creativity. So if you are not a celebrity or relative of celebrity then you can’t gain the followers.

If you are thinking that you will create attractive contents and videos and gain followers then no one cares about your creativity until you are not celebrity.

Point to be noted, the black screen images posted by celebrity gains more likes and shares more than your creative images.

2. You are not sharing adult content

Instagram is one of the adult chatting platform, even lots of people are trying to hide their sexual approach but adult contents getting more views.

If you are not gaining followers by your content that means you are not posting that which is more demanding for Instagram users. And we can’t denied the fact that adult content get more attraction than your talented content.

Even there are lots of ways to watch porn online but Instagram can help you to feel some realistic sexual satisfaction. Instagram don’t allow full nude content but you can share with hiding private parts and that makes it more fascinating.

There are lots of adult pages where you can see women and men images with bikini or in brief. If you want to gain more followers you need to focus on some sexual adult content.

If you are afraid to post nudes then you can share sexual memes. In sexual memes you can express your sexual things with it and can even gain lots of followers.

3. You are not showing round butt and boobs

Nowadays it’s not only limited for women, men can also shows there but and chest to attract more users. Women likes to see men nude but can’t express it openly but on social media they can express because no one can recognize them.

You need to accept one thing here, women have more advantages here than men. A boobs and ass showing women can get 1000 times more likes and followers than talented women who is not sharing butt and boobs images.

In this scenario women can gain more than thousands of followers with just 1 and 2 posts. This is one of the easiest way to increase your followers. You don’t need to share posts everyday, you can share only one post per week.

4. You are not enough sexy

A sexy men and women can gain lots of followers than talented one. We can see real life example with TATA followers compare to Instagram models. There are lots of good and motivating personalities to follow but on Instagram there is no use of it.

If you are sharing motivating and informative content then no one gives a fuck to it. Users demanding something sexy to watch to feel better. Instagram is not a platform for helping and learning things. It’s obvious that there would be helpful contents also.

We should follow majority possibilities not exceptional cases. In 100 snakes not all snakes are poisonous like that 1000 of motivating Instagram accounts only few can get followers.

To gain followers you need to become sexy and if you are not sexy then give up on your Instagram account.

Now some people can say that, poor people also get famous and have lots of followers but go to the 1st point of this article. They have not gained followers because of Instagram, first someone had shouted out them on internet consequently they gain followers.

5. You are not showing off your money

If you are a criminal with lost of money then you will get some appreciation because money can help people to appreciate you. It’s one of the important factor that you forgetting.

You should show off apple mobile phone, luxurious hotel and party night images. People like to watch someone enjoying their money, we still could not found the reason behind this mentality but it’s fact.

If you don’t have that much money then you can pretent to be rich. On social media people believe what they see that’s why it’s very easy to deceive them. No one will come to check how much rich you are, so use this factor to increase your Instagram followers.

6. You are not accepting the above reality

This is the most intense reason that why you are not gaining followers. You need to come out from your fake hopes, no one is interested in your talent until you don’t become famous person.

Try to understand the workflow here, You first need to be famous then your potty image could be quality content on social media. Your potty is potty but celebrities potty is gold and quality content.


There are lots of people who still believes that their quality content will help them. But sorry to say that my friends, I really wish that you may gain millions of followers but I don’t want you to waste your time.

An Instagram account who are sharing sexy, adult, cringe content have more followers than Motivational speaker Sandeep Maheshwari. If you are thinking that you can create more helpful content than Sandeep Maheshwari then go ahead.

But again remember Sandeep Maheshwari has less number of followers that ass and boob showing accounts. Now make your choice, we have explained few of the most important factors to increase your followers.

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