Why countries jealous of China

Why Countries Jealous Of China Here Are Few Reasons

Why other nations are jealous of China? Is the coronavirus reason behind it or of because of development of China? As we know other nations were hating China before coronavirus that means coronavirus is just eyewash to get reason to hate openly.

It’s obvious that how could anyone hate China without any reasons so now they are taking the advantage of coronavirus to defaming china but remember all nations have their own virus and just coronavirus is just example of it.

Lots of people are now blaming and Jealousing of China because of coronavirus but people were already been jealous of China before coronavirus as well. So the main question arose here, what are the reasons make other countries to hate China? It’s very easy to find out if you look without taking any sides.

You just need to go back in 1980 but before 1980 there are lots of things we should consider. During world war 2 we knew that all the nations were fighting for their freedom and rights, India wasn’t participated in world war 2 because India was already a slave of British empire so only picture we knew that India had lots of struggle for independence but in that independence lots of political games were played.

You may wondering why we are talking about India here, because lots of people thinks that only India had been a lot of torture for independence but NO. India wasn’t only a country who had been tortured a lot. China was tortured more than India, this point is not mean to ignore India’s struggle but to only make you aware of China’s struggle also. If you are not aware of China history and how much they survived during world war 2 then you can search it on google or YouTube.

Now, come to the point. Other nations wasn’t jealous of China till 1990 but China showed to the world and proved how much they are capable. In 1980 China was one of the country which considered in poorest countries in the world. No one were caring about China when they were fighting against hunger.

China is fully self made country, there are lots of things we can learn from China. All the countries now working for USA Canada and other developed countries and you still think that you got independant. In India we need to learn English because we are slaves of developed countries, India is not dependant country it’s all depends of other countries that’s why Indians need to choose English as a first language then your own native language. No one gives you respect for your own language if you don’t know how to speak in English. So now you can understand Indians are working for earn money but it’s all for other countries not for India.

Look at the China, they don’t use Whatsapp, Instagram, YouTube etc. Leave these social media they don’t even give fuck to Google either. They have created their own media and internet. Other countries can’t dare to stop using Whatsapp and Instagram. This is really cool, other countries are all using social media because they are not capable to make their own. What can they do, haters of China only can boycott chinese products but can’t create their own.

China took hipe from 1980, when all the countries ignoring them because it was poor country but now, no one can even match with China. It’s obvious that US hates China to maintain their reputation and first rank. It’s not about development for US it’s only about to lost their first position. China is about to take over on US that’s why US hates China, there is not any valid reason to hate China for US.

There are lots of reasons we can disclose it all, but for now this is enough. At the end we would like to know you China is hard working country and you can’t denied this fact. Just have a look on Chinese people how they work with skill. They are not just working but they use their skills for it and that’s what make chinese products quality.

Now you may try to encounter this point about quality but yes they maintain quality and only supply the products as countries need. If if you are American, Canadian, Australian, etc, we mean if you are from developed countries you can find their products qualitative but if you are from Pakistan, Bangladesh, etc, we mean from undeveloped or under developing you can find their product lightweight. China is the country who will provide you products as country needs. If you are facing some quality issues with chinese products then it’s because you not because of China. You can buy their qualitative products also with high cost value.

It’s all about your experience like US and developed countries have good experience with chinese products while India and developing countries have both good and bad experience on their own choices.

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