Witch women attckts women for Hijab

Witch Women Attacks Other Women For Not Wearing A Hijab

The world is witness that, women are not in danger because of men but because of women. A woman attacks on woman because she not wearing a Hijab. We can understand if any men who insult or misbehavior with women, but what can we do if one women insulting other women.

This is absolute insane and the representation of brain wash. If men don’t have rights to force women what to wear or not that not means women have rights to force women what to wear. In below video you can seen how illiterate women insulting other women for not wearing Hijab.

The women is saying that it’s her choice to wear a Hijab or not, and this is absolutely right. She will decide what to wear who the hell are you to force her.

Iranians continuously showing that how much dumb are they. Everything they are forcing just name of the religion. But what about humanity, is humanity comes after religion? If women respect comes after religion then there must be something wrong in religion.

We should not force to anyone what to wear or not, it’s like curse to live in Iran. If you want to punish anyone strictly then send them to Iran. Ha ha ha

Here you can see the witch woman in Hijab attacks on woman

Look at her witch face like she is doing something glorious. Besides She’s worried about a person not wearing a Hijab and not her child wearing a seatbelt wow

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