jalagamparai tamilnadu waterfall accident women died

Women Died At Waterfall While Enjoying at Jalagamparai Waterfall Tamilnadu

Guys this is not a news but also awareness message for everyone. We just want you to make aware and mandatory safety while you playing or enjoying yourself. Life is so precious, even this precious word is not enough to define the life.

The reason of death was so futile and not worthy to notice but it took life of one human being. After this incident we want you to show that your reckless behaviour can cause anyone to lost life. Please be careful abs think about other people also because they have family abs member of family for someone.

We feel very sad for this incident and want to save her life somehow, but we can’t go back to time and save her. But we can atleast prevent future accidents that may happen in future with someone. If you are still thinking that, this issue is not worthy to take your attention then watch this video footage. You may suddenly start to feel sad for her. It’s wasn’t her fault but what can we do now.

We don’t know the information of this women and it’s better for their family but they showed us, what would happened if you forget safety for sake of enjoyment. Our motive with this article is just making you aware, we don’t want to spread such videos but it can save thousands of life later.

The incident happened at the Jalagamparai waterfall located in Tamilnadu. Women were walking around abs about to go in the waterfall. Three of the boys were coming down with sliding. Before she go in to water the these boys hit her from the back on her legs.

She suddenly fell down on her back and get her head collapse on stone. The intensity of felling down was so strong, so she suddenly get unconscious and go in to comma. She only fought against death for one day and next day she died.

Remember guys, she was mom, wife, daughter but now she is not anymore. We should pray for her peace and her family for strength.

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