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YouTube is not Freedom of speech platform anymore | It supports ugly content and removing justice content

In India we believe in freedom of speech and there are lots of ways which through you can express your thoughts. But what would you do if platform will start to decide what content should be approved and removed.

This is not freedom of speech anymore, we are not saying that allow anyone to abuse someone openly. We are not that much fool not to understand what is right and wrong.

One one the famous platform where you can express your thoughts is YouTube but now a days YouTube is being like useless and one sided platform to support misleading information and disrespecting particular communities.

YouTube is not only in this que who is being partially supporting to particular community. Twitter is also there who is started to show their true face and removing those who are actually talking reality and truth, but in this article we are only going to talk about YouTube nothing else.

It’s been a few months, some awaken people started to reply those who actually leading people to misunderstanding and helps people to know the truth. But instead of removing wrong information YouTube just started to remove the true information without knowing anything about it.

We don’t know who is controlling very cheap algorithm of YouTube but seems they have really improper employees who are educated but not well mannered. Recently we saw the same situation happened with the Elvish Yadav who just posted a video with true fact, but even it was a true information YouTube removed that video and banned his channel for 7 days.

What would YouTube action if some terrorist start mass reporting to those channel who spreading peace? Because at one side YouTube is just taking judgement with the help of reports and crowd who supporting and opposing. It’s not only about Elvish Yadav, same happened with Satya Sanatan.

If we take the example of those channels then we can properly see that YouTube is just trying to spread hate and support AntiHindu channels. Even truth is bitter, it’s YouTubes duty to let people see the truth. If this is only for particular community then YouTube is nothing but just helping to spread hate in India.

If mass reporting and supporting Hindu channels is the way of freedom of speech then YouTube should change their T&C, and help everyone to know what actually YouTube want from Indians.

But at the end we conclude that YouTube is not a platform for freedom of speech. Will see would they improve their justice and freedom of speech or not but for not it’s not a freedom.

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