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Zero Sugar Food List With Nutrition Values

What is zero sugar and how could I follow it. You should know these zero sugar foods. So many people are fighting to lose their sugar intake. One of the easiest ways to lower your sugar level is to change your dietary lifestyle. There are lots of low sugar foods but what if you are looking for zero sugar foods.

Here are the 40 foods that don’t contain any sugar value in it. You may not believe but what you eat and what you drink is everything we have considered in this article. We all are doing this mistake to eat sugary foods without even knowing.

What is sugar?

You probably think that sweet foods are sugars. Yes, it’s right but not true. Sweetness is the outcome of sugar elements. You can easily recognize the sugary products with their taste. So don’t consider a sweet taste to mean sugar.

There are some foods which taste sweet but they are not sugary. It’s such a rare conception but we can’t ignore this also. We need to find the sugar level of foods even if they are not sweet. Some foods are not tasting sweet but they also contain sugar in it. 

Why is sugar bad for you?

There are so many diseases that come along with excessive amounts of sugar. If you are taking sugar in limited amounts then there won’t be such health issues.

Lots of people are not fighting with various diseases which they got because of excessive amounts of sugar. Sugar can affect your body glucose and blood cells. Your blood cells should be balanced for healthy body functioning.

Here are some diseases that can come with excessive intake of sugar. Dietary consultants always say that do not exceed the sugar value more than 5% per day.

Diseases cause because of sugar

  1. Weight gain
  2. Obesity 
  3. Risk of heart disease 
  4. Type 2 diabetes 
  5. Cancer
  6. Depression 
  7. Fast aging
  8. Can lose energy 
  9. Risk of fat on liver
  10. Kidney disease risk 
  11. Damage dental health
  12. Lower your immune system 
  13. Cause joint pain 
  14. Reduce your sexual performance 
  15. Lose body flexibility 
  16. Lead to chromium deficiency 
  17. Absorb body calcium and magnesium 
  18. Can have digestion problem 
  19. Cause asthma
  20. Chances of arthritis 
  21. Hemorrhoid
  22. Appendicitis
  23. Increase blood pressure 
  24. Decrease growth of hormones

List of zero sugar foods

Values provided for 50 gram portion

Food NameSugarProtein (gm)Calories (kcal)Fat (gm)Water (gm)
Cooking oil00442500
Regular margarine00.835840.358.26
Grape seed oil00442500
Corn cooking oil00450500
Flaxseed oil00.544249.990.6
Walnut oil00442500
Apricot oil00442500
Cooked ocean fish09.25480.9337.12
Almond oil00442500
Palm oil00442500
Roasted turkey thigh013.85833.0232.61
Ginger 00.91400.3739.44
Water bottle 000049.99
Tap drinking water000049.95
Unsweetened water tea00.030.5049.81
Oolong tea000.5049.92
Black tea000048.94
Citrus diet green tea000.5049.81
Regular beer00.2321045.98
Whiskey 00125031.9
Raw fish with spices011.16723.1633.86
Roasted pork013.411368.827.52
Cheese fat free016.0778028
Salmon fish010.05632.237.76
Cooked bratwurst0717015.826.75
Fried shrimp03.921549.4521.07
Cooked ostrich014.68822.1333.26
Sturgeon fish010.3672.5934.97
Raw chicken09.7581.8538.39
Chicken leg cooked 012924.533.37
Skinless boneless chicken09.58602.1138.2
Egg white powder042.041780.162.74
Caffeine coffee07.211760.251.5
Regular coffee with water00.051049.54
Way based protein powder 039.061760.781.72
Unsweetened chocolate almond milk 00.41100.7347.89
Red wine vinegar 00.029047.23
Energy drink sugar free00.212049.55


How can you follow a zero sugar diet?

It’s not possible to follow a zero sugar diet. Actually you need to decrease the sugar admission that’s why we have provided this list. We don’t want you to go on a zero sugar diet but a low sugar diet.

Our body also needs sugar in limited amounts. But we humans are not likely to have control on our addiction so you can have these foods one in your day meal.

Going zero sugar is almost impossible so it’s better to replace these foods with high sugar one.

How can you add these zero sugar foods in your diet?

The answer is very easy, you first need to find out what makes your sugar level high. You need to diminish some foods and add these instead.

How you cook and what kind of herbs, spices you use is also a matter of sugar level. That’s why we also gave information about foods along with spices and it’s cooking types. You just need to use your own mind to calculate what kind of spices or type you should use.

If you are drinking too much juices then you can replace it with other beverages. We are not talking about beers and alcohol. We have given their values only for informational purposes.

Shall I drink alcohol for zero sugar?

No, we don’t support drinking alcohol for any diseases. Alcohol is your choice, we can’t deny it, but there are lots of people who drink alcohol. Our purpose is for this article to make you more friendly with you.

You will realise what nutrition you will have with alcohol but this is all just informational purpose only. If you are drinking alcohol with something that has more sugar then you can switch it with other alcohol. But remember alcohol is not a solution for any diseases.

It has lots of benefits to our body but in only some cases. It all depends on your body’s needs or situations to drink alcohol or not. If you are not used to drinking alcohol then don’t pursue alcohol to go on zero sugar. It will harm you in other ways. 

Low sugar vegetables

We only provided a list of zero sugar products but in the case you are looking for low sugar vegetables then here you can find. These are some low sugar vegetables that can’t affect too much on your glucose level.:

  1. Watercress 
  2. Spinach 
  3. Red leaf lettuce 
  4. Beet greens
  5. Kale
  6. Arugula 
  7. Soybean sprout
  8. Celery
  9. Broccoli 
  10. Cucumber
  11. Swiss chard
  12. Cauliflower 
  13. Radishes
  14. Asparagus 
  15. Spirulina 
  16. Mushroom 
  17. Bok choy
  18. Boiled potatoes 
  19. Cabbage 
  20. Brussels 


Zero sugar foods can help you to lower your diabetes problems. It’s also beneficial to diminish the chances of diseases that come with sugar. This information is very important for you to become more familiar with sugar products. Whenever you choose the food, you would be more conscious if you know this information.

At the end control on your sugar intake level, and add these foods according to your need.

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